Gluten Free

by Denise

I have Crohns colitis. Was diagnosed with IBS in 1990.

I had my sigmoid colon removed in Feb 2011 due to strictures. I was told diet as tolerated and followup colonoscopy in August.

I tried eating the same stuff as before I was hospitalized mainly no fried foods, no spicy foods, limit sugar, no caffeine, no alcohol and within a few weeks of returning to the diet, my stomach started cramping,bouts of diarrhea with alternating constipation.

I started reading about the disease and decided to try the elimination diet. The diet worked well and I began to gradually introduce those foods back in.

As soon as I started eating bread again I had the same thing happen. I am now following a gluten-free diet with excellent results. No cramping, regular bowel movements and no pain. It has been two weeks and it has made such a difference. I also take liquid probiotics and multivitamin gluten-free. Best result, my protein levels are back to normal and so is my hematocrit both of which were so low after surgery that I was unable to go back to school after my surgery. I am in nursing school. My energy level is excellent.

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Apr 27, 2011
Reply to Gluten Free Life for Crohn's
by: Inna

Hello Denise,

Thanks so much for your comments. Many, many Crohn's patients would benefit from gluten free diet. And I really appreciate you posting your story. Believe it or not, this can encourage someone to start gluten free diet and that can change someone's life.

All the best to you, Inna

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