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Gluten Free Vanilla Extract Tips.

Choose Right Gluten Free Vanilla Extract. This Maybe That Helpful Gluten Free Information You Were Looking For.

Generally speaking, vanilla should be naturally gluten free. After all it is extracted from a flower. And it’s not just a plant derived food spice, but delicate vanilla is derived from orchids. Gluten free vanilla should also benaturally gluten free.

Vanilla comes from dried vanilla fruits/pods and it’s used for baking, making desserts, cosmetics and perfumes. 

Gluten free vanilla or regular vanilla is one of the priciest flavorings. It's not a secret that most people really enjoy the aroma of vanilla.

Some experts even say that the scent of vanilla can uplift your mood, enhance work performance and even act as an aphrodisiac.

Vanilla extract is a solution/elixir that contains alcohol. Pure vanilla extract is made from dry vanilla fruit beans. Bourbon vanilla has that name because it comes from that region.

Vanilla extract would normally contain water, alcohol and the vanilla beans. Vanilla is mostly used as vanilla extract now days.

If you are looking for natural vanilla flavoring, and not vanilla extract, you should know that it’s made from vanilla beans and almost no or very little alcohol (up to two – three percent). 

Make A Healthy Choice When Choosing Your Gluten Free Vanilla.

Vanillin is not natural vanilla and not vanilla extract. It’s a processed product, chemically treated to smell like vanilla. So if you are buying gluten free deserts for your family, look for vanilla not vanillin in the ingredients.

Many people use vanilla in their baking, cooking and in their cosmetics. And those who switch to gluten free living would definitely question vanilla and vanilla extract whether it's gluten free vanilla and gluten free vanilla extract.

”Why?” You asked.

Ok, as you know, vanilla extract like most elixirs (that’s pharmacist in me talking:)) has alcohol. Most of the time alcohol concentration is about 35% (according to "pure vanilla" standards). And as you know, much of the alcohol is made from grains. Since gluten free means watching what type of grains we use; looking for gluten free vanilla extract is perfectly natural.

Most of the alcohol available on the market is non-gluten free. So it’s completely reasonable to go looking for gluten free extract if you are going 100% gluten free.

Another "little fact" is that much of the grains available now are genetically modified grains: like a large percantage of our corn and wheat. And you know what I thing about genetically modified foods…I don’t need to start again, right?

So when it comes to alcohol in that vanilla extract; to me it also must be NON genetically modified or as many labels show now: non-GMO. If its non-GMO then it’s the product I will look into. 

More gluten free information; Back to what type of gluten free vanilla extract I would look for:

5 Things to look for in your gluten free vanilla extract:
  1. 1. It should be non-GMO. Genetically modified foods are associated with diseases, hormonal imbalances, etc.
  2. 2. It should be organic. To me organic foods are not just cleaner and safer for my kids and myself; but also buying organic is supporting healthy farming and hardworking organic farmers.
  3. 3. Sure, it must contain gluten free alcohol. The alcohol should be derived from gluten free grains like possibly rice, cactus or even potato.
  4. 4. I prefer local companies because I try to support local farmers. Less gas is spent on the transportation; less pollution.
  5. 5. The price is important. Today, our financial citation requires most people to be economical. So if I find two great products that both local, both organic, both non-GMO; I would naturally go with a less expensive one. Unless the company is own by my relatives:-)).

When you are baking with gluten free vanilla extract you would want to use exactly the amount indicated in a recipe. Because too much or too little can make a big difference in a flavor.

I personally like to add gluten free vanilla in most of my baking. I am a big fan.

I like a company Flavorganics and had really great results with their product. If you found a great affordable brand of clean, non-GMO gluten free vanilla extract, please let us know. We love to share great gluten free information.

If you are concerned about alcohol in the vanilla extract because you are baking for small children or just trying to avoid alcohol you need to know that most of that alcohol will evaporate during baking process. But if it’s a true concern you should probably just go with natural gluten free vanilla vs. gluten free vanilla extract.

The smell of gluten free vanilla extract is so appealing and mouth-watering for my kids. I am always a hero when I use it in in my kitchen.

Happy baking!

I wish you great health!

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