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Gluten Free Diet.
Is There A Secret To Gluten Free Cooking?

Gluten Free Diet Guide:In my very successful program, the first holistic step in healing patients with chronic diseases is starting a GF Diet.

This is something I recommend in my practice, called Functional medicine practice. That is also the approach many alternative medicine practitioners take. There are so many other steps in this healing method but the first and most important of them is to get off gluten.

I've helped so many patients with their chronic conditions and I can testify that it takes a lot of work. So please, get excited with me about GF Diet! In order to get ahead in your career you need to work hard. The same thing goes for getting ahead in improving your health you need to invest your time into your health. It's worth the effort. Right?

When you are new to a GF diet it makes you happy just to be able to find something with a "gluten free label". 

When you have a little more experience, you start reading the labels. Also, you remember very, very well what products tasted awful the last time you bought them. Those you remember, right?

When I started my gluten free journey I didn't have much choice. I bought what was available and it didn't taste that good.

At one point, I was avoiding starchy grains completely because it was just not tasty.

That is not the case today. 

Learn Tips And Secrets About Gluten Free Cooking and Gluten-Free Diet Plan.

What we now see is a variety of gluten free products that are delicious. Those gluten free products are numerous.

You can go and easily find different types of gluten free flour, gluten free soy sauce, gluten free oatmeal cookies, gluten free soups, gluten free bread and gluten free grains.

You can now find readymade gluten free waffles, gluten free cookies and gluten free biscuits.

Hey, you can even find gluten free beer in some health food stores and big health food supermarkets.

Many supermarkets will have a Gluten Free section and would have gluten free granola and gluten free bread.

But do they taste the same as non gluten free foods? Well, I've tried most of them and some of them pass the taste test. Yes, my wait was worth it. Finally, my family can enjoy a GF diet.

So if you have the question: "what is the gluten free food list?"

"Which brand would have the best tasting gluten free cookie?"

"Would the gluten free food list work for me?"

We are here to review all this gluten free product information for you. 

Is there a big secret or a tip for gluten free cooking?

It's kind of simple: Keep gluten containing products away from your kitchen. It's hard to do when only one person eats gluten free. But you may want to try it for the whole family. If that is not an option consider separating or labeling products. You could try using one side of your pantry for gluten free products and the other for non gluten free foods. This way you will automatically reach for the right item.

As you may know a gluten free diet excludes these grains:

  • Wheat
  • Barley
  • Rye
  • Probably Oat
Tips for Gluten Free Cooking

Grains Allowed On gluten Free Diets:

  • Amaranth
  • Arrowroot
  • Bean Flours
  • Buckwheat
  • Corn
  • Millet
  • Nut Flours
  • Potato
  • Quinoa
  • Wild or Brown Rice
  • Soy, make sure it's non GMO soy
  • Sorghum
  • Tapioca
  • Tef

A GF diet is not just for Celiac patients. It's for many people having chronic digestive disorders that have tested positive for gluten sensitivity, gluten intolerance, gluten allergy or just want to stay on gluten free diet because they feel it's better for them.

Many celebrities like Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Gwyneth Paltrow and Victoria Beckham are on a strict GF diet because they have noticed serious health benefits. I am not a celebrity but I am a very experienced pharmacist and a holistic practitioner that saw many patients improve their health with a Gluten Free Diet. That's why I am so passionate about it.

Tips For Following Healthy A Gluten Free Diet Plan:
  • Wheat Free doesn't always mean Gluten Free.
  • Look for Gluten Free or GF labels.
  • Try eating mostly fresh, raw or unprocessed food.
  • Look for Gluten Free products in a reputable health food store or the gluten free section of a supermarket.
  • Try using separate cooking oils for gluten free products. A great choice would be extra virgin coconut oil by Nutiva.
  • Try preparing gluten free foods at home separately and use separate utensils and chopping boards.
  • You know, food manufacturers often change their ingredients. Always, check ingredients listings regularly. And that especially goes to the products without gluten free labeling. If not sure, you can always call manufacturer.
  • When you are eating out, your best bet is to go with ordering plain foods with minimal ingredients. Tell the waiter so the kitchen staff knows and accommodates your special needs.

Read more about Gluten Free Cooking here. 

Gluten Free Soup Learn great gluten free soup recipes. 

Things are getting better for us Gluten Freeks. More people know about gluten free diet and more and more chefs are able to work to satisfy your needs.

The rise in popularity of a gluten free diet over the past years is probably because so many people learned toassociate it with healthy food. It is true in most cases, but not in all.

I still find gluten free products that are full of sugar, corn starch, preservatives, MSG and other very unhealthy ingredients. If you are unsure, read the labels. If you are still unsure, ask us.

But mostly, the GF diet became so popular because many people following gluten free diets are eatingnatural, chemical free, whole, unprocessed gluten free grains.

A GF diet is showing to be beneficial for those with gut related diseases like IBS, Crohn's disease and many more.

What's Next?

Now, you have to commit to a gluten free diet if you want to see the results. It's not acceptable to have some gluten today and none tomorrow and think that you are gluten free.

If you even take a tiny bit of gluten containing product you are back to square one. There are studies that seem to prove it.

It's not easy getting off gluten and some may even be addicted to gluten products. You may need help and some coaching with this very important step.

Please, take this seriously. No cheating!!! I am watching you:)))

Best of health to you! 

Gluten Free Diets. Great tips and gluten free options. 
Next....Gluten-Free Diet: More on which food sources need to be confirmed. 

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