Gluten Free Cookies.
Great Tasting Or Good For You? Or Both?

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Gluten Free Cookies.

Feed your family healthy gluten free, not just gluten free. Be choosy with your gf cookies. Get healthy, clean ingredients.

And I do know that your loved ones also want to enjoy the taste of those cookies. So let's not disappoint them!

Who doesn't like cookies? We all love them. When you just starting gluten free diet you may feel like there are no substitutions for traditional wheat containing cookies.

But surprisingly you can find many great tasting gluten-free cookies today.

There are many gf cookies in your nearest health food store. There are many gluten free cookies in your nearest supermarket. There are plenty of gluten free cookies available on the market to suit any picky eater today.

There are even gf cookies that are raw and vegan. And I thought that was impossible. Of course they are not your regular conventional chocolate chip cookies, but nevertheless they exist for those on raw vegan diet, which is so very hard to stay on.

All you need is to try different brands and see what you like. And the last resort would be baking gf cookies yourself...If you really up for it.

So what do we like in our cookies: We need them to be delicious, obviously and they also have to look good, you would say? Ok, what about nutrition facts? What about sugar content? Are they good for you kids?

You are trying very hard to raise your kids right. You invest in their education, too. So investing in their health or your own health must be the most important thing.

How can you invest in great health? The first thing is to purchase healthier food options (which may be pricier). But again, isn't this the most important investment?

I know that you realize that you should not really overindulge with cookies, even if they are wheat free cookies. But once in a while... AND if you have complete self control.. AND if you are not flaring from an inflammatory condition; then why not have just have a little gilt free wheat free cookie.

So let's try to pick the healthier ones of those gluten-free cookies available.

Sugar in gluten-free cookies: Refined sugar is plain not good for you. But too much refined sugar is even worse. So the plan is to look for gf cookies that contain the least possible amount of sugar like my one of my favorite coconut gluten-free cookies by Andean Dream made from quinoa. Two cookies only have 4 grams of sugar. Now that's guilt-free…almost:) My kids like animal gluten free cookies. I found Jo-Sef's brand with 7 grams per serving in 8 small cookies. Not bad. It does have soy flour and I wish it didn't.

Now don't forget, lots of brands are now marketing fruit snacks as gluten-free cookies. Fruit snacks are generally very sugary. Read those nutrition facts, please.

Flours in a gf cookie: What flours to look for in gluten-free cookies? When I look for myself I always avoid GMO (genetically modified) flours as main ingredients. Most common GMO flours in cookies are soy flours and plain white rice flours.

If your nutrition facts have soy flour or white rice flour without GMO marked it doesn't mean it's not GMO. I prefer gluten free flour that contains organic brown rice or regular brown rice. I also like tapioca flour, organic non-GMO rice flour, hazelnut flour, quinoa flour and almond meal in my gluten-free cookies..

Oils in a gluten free cookie: The best thing is to completely avoid hydrogenated oils like your worst nightmare. Make sure your box says non-hydrogenated oil. Also, make sure that your gluten-free cookies have ZERO Trans fats and very little or zero saturated fat.

Other ingredients in gluten free cookies: Make sure that your gluten-free cookies have the least amount of ingredients. The more ingredients there are the more chances of having unwanted additives and unwanted chemical preservatives. The rule of thumb: the least ingredients the better. Make sure that your cookies don’t have

  • "artificial flavors", "other natural or artificial flavors", "other flavors", "gmo soy lecithin", "BHT", and other "preservatives"
  • .

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    Tips for getting healthier Gluten Free Cookies.

    To summarize:

    • Get the least possible amount of sugar. Try not to go over 7 grams per serving.
    • Get the healthier choice of flour in your cookies. Try avoiding GMO containing flours like GMO soy flour or GMO rice flours.
    • Try avoiding those gluten-free cookies that have "other ingredients" on the nutritional facts on the box.
    • Avoid artificial ingredients at all costs when choosing your gluten-free cookies.
    • Avoid hydrogenated oils in your gf cookies.

    Please, remember not to overdo it when it comes to sweets. It’s very important for everyone!

    I hope you enjoy your guilt-free, healthy gluten free cookies!

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