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Gluten Free Restaurants. The search is on!

You know how hard it is to stay gluten free, especially when you really want to go out to the restaurants.

You really want to joint your friends and family for that special dinner in a nice place.

You want to be able to have a celebration party with everyone else without feeling like an black sheep.

And you want to give yourself a break from cooking all the time and just go out to the restaurant to eat. After all you deserve it!! 

When you look for gluten free restaurants you know you can’t be looking at pizzerias. You have to be educated in gluten free options and choices. You need to be prepared.

Gluten free restaurants may not always be labeled “gluten free”. Gluten free restaurant can be your favorite places but with some your creative involvement.

So what’s the first step: You would probably get a better chance of getting healthy gluten free meal insmaller private restaurants. They may be able to accommodate you better. They are more willing to work with you. Many restaurant chains are just not prepared or equipped to customize your order.

I always try to find more easy and stress free ways to find a great gluten free restaurant. You and I need to be a more educated gluten free consumer.

So when you choose your gf restaurants you need to know a few more things. One is that you need to look at your waiter. This is the person taking your order and delivering the message to the chef. He or she needs to look capable and willing to work with you. Not joking! You trust these people to get you a true gluten free meal.

Ask many questions; repeat what you need to say as often as you have to. Be very assertive. Leave the restaurant if you don’t feel comfortable. Seriously! This is your gut that will pay for your shyness later. Your health is most important.

Another thing you need to do is to ask about the chef. And ask to make sure that chef knows your issues.

When you continue going to the same restaurant which is able to accommodate you try to establish arelationship there. This can make everyone more comfortable. But you would want to double check still whenever your waiter brings the plate you would still ask: “Just to double check, you did prepare my meal gluten free?” 

We all had problems finding restaurants serving gluten free food. When it’s simply difficult to find gluten free restaurant menu you can just logically try to leave anystarchy carbohydrate out of your meal. That means you would choose steamed or baked meat or fish without any sauce with steamed or roasted vegetables minus any croutons or commercial dressings.

You can be even more proactive and bring your own sauce to the restaurant. Sometimes I bring my own gluten free soy sauce with me to the restaurant. Unfortunately, most restaurants only have soy sauces with wheat in them. The chef doesn’t get offended that I bring my own sauce. Little by little you can get really comfortable with chef and stuff. And that’s how you can proceed with other restaurants.

This way you can have a few different gluten free restaurants in your area to become your great choices for gluten free restaurants with different menu varieties. 

It’s so hard to find gf restaurant reviews. If you are getting great service and great response from the staff don’t forget to show how grateful you are with a big smile. Many waiters are sick and tired of grumpy customers and will love you for being nice. That will pay off for you because they are more willing to accommodate your dietary needs.

If you are lucky enough to find restaurants with gluten free menus you can jump in joy, but not just yet. My friends had an uncomfortable episode in the restaurants when they’ve ordered from a gluten free part of the menu but got their salad with regular wheat croutons. Well, thankfully my friends are very outspoken anddoubled checked with a waiter. And the response was “Sorry”. Do you know why this happened? It was a busy, busy lunch hour and the stuff just could not get the orders right. But for most people getting a wrong order means incorrect food. For you and me this isunacceptableWe can’t have wheat!! What can we do? Always stay proactive! Ask, double check and ask again!!!

I went to Starbucks recently and asked if they offered any gluten free snack options for my kids. The person at the register said that they don’t. And just when I got my chamomile tea I saw a variety of gluten free bars right there by the counter. The brand of it was “Kind” gluten free bars. A little too much sugar in them, if you ask me, but kids were happy. I only gave them half of the bar each. 

You could always contact your favorite food chains for updated gluten free menu. You may want to place a request to have gluten free menu in the restaurant. Many of them respond to the requests.

Make sure that you will remind the waiter to tell the chef about cross-contamination with other foods. It’s very important to let them know not to accidentally mix wheat or gluten products with your food. Yes, they need to be reminded.

GF restaurants, restaurants serving gluten free food, restaurants with gluten free menus or gluten free dishes :

(This is all subjected to changes, always check before you go)

Remember to ask for: no seasoning, no dressing, no croutons unless they are gluten free

  • Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill and Bar: a few gluten free choices
  • Arby’s: some gluten free choices
  • Au Bon Pan’s: certain gluten free soups
  • Baskin Robbins: some gluten free options
  • Boston Market: a few gluten free options
  • Charlie’s Brown’s Steakhouse: a few gluten free options
  • Cheesecake Factory has the largest GLUTEN FREE MENU I have seen
  • Chili’s: some gluten free options
  • Chuck E. Cheese’s: gluten free salad options
  • Dave & Buster’s: gluten free options available
  • Dairy Queen: some gluten free choices
  • Hard Rock Café: some gluten free choices
  • Jamba Juice: some gluten free options
  • KFC: gluten free options available
  • Outback Steakhouse: gluten free options available
  • Panera Bread: some gluten free choices
  • Red Lobster: a few gluten free choices
  • Red Robin: some gluten free appetizers and entrees available
  • Ruby Tuesday: some gluten free salads some gluten free options
  • Uno Chicago Grill: many gluten free options available. I say they need to work on gluten free pizza. But my kids liked it.
  • McDonald's in Europe now offers gluten free buns. How surprising is that? But, you need to realise now that not everything gluten free will be good for you.

It’s so hard to find gluten free restaurant reviews. If you are looking for gluten free restaurants that are in your area I am starting this communication page that will have people from all over log in their favorite gluten free restaurants experiences. Please, share it with us. You may be really helping out someone else this way.

Please, participate in our gluten free restaurant reviews page. It doesn’t matter where you live. Any feedback is greatly appreciated! It could help a gluten free newbie a great deal.

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I wish you great health!!!

And I wish you great experiences in gluten free restaurants!! 

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