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Gluten Free Living. Learn To Eat Healthy!

When you just start living GF it may very well overwhelm you. You just don't know where to start. You can't seem to imagine changing your way of cooking and eating. Any change is scary... Right? 

GF Living:

When you live GF for a while you can also get overwhelmed at some point. There are just so manynew gluten free products on the market. But are they good for you?

What would you do if you have to travel? Where would you look for food? How can you make gluten free travel easy? 

GF Living:

What about eating out? Eating gluten free has also become easier. But you would still need to be very food educated to make the right choices.

Gluten free cosmetics are now also available. This luxury was not available to me when I originally went gluten free. The skin is the largest organ of the entire body.

Whatever you put on your skin gets into your system within about 30 to 60 seconds. Did you know that? So yes, it important to use gluten free make up if you have true intolerance to gluten. 

Gluten Free Living:

I personally use gluten free cosmetics, especially gluten free lipsticks. Yes, I try to avoid getting gluten inside of my body through skin since skin is the largest organ.

Whenever you are in the restaurant you can get nervous in case they mix something with wheat flour? I know I do.

You have to educate yourself about hidden gluten.This can make a difference between getting better or getting much better.

Gluten Free Living:

Gluten free medications? I have been asked many, many times in the pharmacy if such and such medication is gluten free. Being a pharmacist I don't always know this from the top of my mind. I had to call pharmaceutical companies to get the answer.

Many of them now say gluten free medications. But not all of them. You need to learn which ingredients would make these medications not suitable for you. Yes, you need to do some homework here. Or you can always ask me:) HERE. 

Eating Out Gluten Free. Should be fun time for you and your family. 

Gluten Free Restaurants. Learn your gluten free restaurant options. 

Gluten Free Cosmetics. Wonderful gluten free cosmetics options for you! 

Gluten Free Vanilla Extract Ideas. Learn to choose healthy gluten free vanilla extract and have your great gluten free desserts. 

Get Easy Tips For Gluten Free Eating And Gluten Free Dining.

Gluten free travel is also a big issue. I know we used to have a hard time going away and finding right things to eat. Now it got much easier. More communications with the waiters will be a great help. And I always carryAllergzymes in my purse. These enzymes dissolve hidden gluten before it does the damage.

Finding restaurants serving gluten free food used to be simply impossible. Today even "Pizzeria UNO", a large chain offers a gluten free menu with gluten free pizza. I can't say that I would highly recommend that one, because of the ingredients. Sorry :( But it's there and it's an option for us, gluten freeks. 

Gluten Free Living:

Gluten free sweets are important for my children. As much as I hate it they want some sweets sometimes. Well, they actually want it all the time. But it's my job as a parent to teach them about healthy nutrition. And believe it or not, they are much better nutrition students than most of the adult students.

Well, before it was easy. There were not many gluten free sweets available on the market and my kids had to have apples, carrots and celery with almond butter as the healthy alternative. But now there are so many gluten free sweets. But be careful...some of the choices may not be good for you at all. 

It is very important to eat healthy breakfast in the morning. Your gluten free breakfasts choices are here. 

Gluten Free Living:

If you living and breathing gluten free, you know how hard it may be to stay gluten free with all the temptations around us.

It's especially hard when you live in a place like New York. There are so many great restaurants and cafes. There are so many places that offer delicious non gluten free options.

Now when we go out, we try doing the homework before we head out. I call in advance and speak with a hostess. I ask questions. I check if they are familiar with gluten free wheat free diet. I have them ask the chef.

Even if the restaurant is not certified gluten free it may cater to your food intolerances and satisfy all your gourmet needs and expectations. 

Gluten Free Living:

It gets harder when you need to travel gluten free.Gluten free travel requires preparations. You need to actually do some research before you travel. You would need to call the place and discuss your food intolerance with the hotel management. Many, many hotel managers are ready to help you find appropriate places to eat. After all they get paid for that. It's your right and it's their job. Right? 

When you look for restaurants serving gluten free food and have no success in finding one just stick to ordering simple foods in the regular restaurants. Something like steamed chicken or fish with steamed or grilled vegetables would be your best bet. And make sure to tell the waiter "No Flour Added Anywhere, Please!!" 

Gluten Free Living:

When it comes to hidden gluten that is a whole new world. You could never imagine where gluten can be hiding and you need to know what to look for. More onHidden Gluten here. 

Gluten free Thanksgiving can be easily accomplished with preparation.

Gluten free Christmas can be as easy as one, two, and three with our recipes. 

For Gluten Free Passover ideas, click here. 

Gluten Free Latke: Get an easy to prepare gluten free latke recipe. 

Eating out gluten free was such a challenge before. But not after we figured out a system for ourselves and followed it. Just like: Point, Aim and Shoot we made Call, Speak and Enjoy your gluten free meal. 

Gluten Free Living:

Gluten free sweets are hitting the market from left and right. When I saw the first gluten free cookie it made me happy. When I looked at the sugar content???..Not a good idea....

So now that the supermarkets are filling up with gluten free sweets, gluten free flours and many other gluten free products it makes our gluten free life a little easier.

I love walking into restaurants and getting a waiter that understands gluten intolerance. This is New York and these waiters have seen and heard all strange food allergies.

What about people living in other places? I get so many questions from people in other states or other countries. Gluten free is not such easy option for them yet. So let's figure out this thing together. Let's makeEasy Gluten Free Living for you and me. And spread the word to help others.

I love hearing stories when clients talk about their favorite restaurants changing their menus for them.

I love hearing how one family changed to gluten free for one celiac child and now everyone in that family has more energy. They didn't even realize that they all hadgluten intolerance

Gluten Free Living:

All these stories inspire me to research and write more about Gluten Free Living.

5 Great Tips for Easy Gluten Free Living:
  • Get familiar with all gluten containing ingredients.
  • Learn to just be Ok with not eating gluten contains food. What are you really missing out? Some sticky, gooey, gummy flour that sticks to your intestine and causes allergies.
  • Get into more raw food eating. Shift your mind into healthier way of eating.
  • Eat more healthy proteins to avoid the craving for sugary, starchy foods.
  • Drink, drink and drink healthy, filtered, clean water. This helps to cleanse and detoxify your body to avoid food cravings in general and starchy food cravings in particular.

Gluten Free Living:

When it comes to simplifying your gluten free livingyou need to remember a couple of things. One of them is to know that you are doing it to improve your health. That thought should comfort you enough to be at ease with it. Don't fight it, just go along with the program. It's really not that hard.

Another good idea for your gluten free living is to plan ahead. When you plan ahead your snacks and your meals for the day, later you are just not that attempted to grab anything next to you.

When I just started my gluten free living I promised myself a nice treat for sticking with the program. My treat would be dark chocolate with pecans or almonds on the weekends. So it made it a little easier for me to stick to staying gluten free.

I always loved chocolate. So I made a perfect deal with myself and stuck with it. You can always come up with something that you love and reward yourself for staying gluten free maybe once or twice a week. I mean something that you love should of course be also gluten free. In my case that was easy. Dark chocolate is naturally gluten free and in small amounts it's actually good for you.

A gluten free life...Challenge or the best thing that ever happened to you and me?

The most powerful lesson here is to get into gluten free living with gladness and joy. Just tell yourself: "I'm so lucky to do this. Gluten free is a great, healthy choice for me. Today is the first day of my Gluten Free Happiness. And it will change the rest of my life to the better!!" 

You can always ask questions or share your story or advice Here. 

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