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Gluten Free Latke.

Gluten Free Latke Recipes and Fun Ideas.

Spend More Time With Family and Less Preparing GF Latkes.

I realize that Chanukah already started and I didn’t plan to write a page about gluten-free latkes. But I feel like I have to now. I will explain why.

I was always uncomfortable about making latkes.

First of all, latkes that I would eat during my childhood would make my tummy hurt. Little did I know that I had gluten intolerance.

Also, watching my parents slave over with those potatoes for a long time made me cringe and I thought I would just be buying latkes for my kids instead of making them. I am not going to spend all this time preparing a plate of potatoe pancakes that will be eaten in less time than my parents prepared them for. 

So for the past many years I didn’t have to make them because my parents would still make latkes for us. The past five to six years they made gluten free latkes but they would taste the same because my family’s latke recipe doesn’t use much flour to begin with.

Now that we’ve moved I thought I’d buy some gluten-free latkes in the area since so much gluten free stuff is available around where I live. But guess what? Nope. No such luck… 

And then I thought “Nothing would happen if I skipped making latke this year”. Kids had their Chanukah party at the Hebrew School. That should be fun enough. And then my kids asked…..

My kids asked me in the morning: “Who is making gluten free latke this year? We REALLY want them, please.”... I was petrified. I never made them before. I love cooking for my family but I don’t know how to make latkes…. And I didn’t think I could make them. Really…

I don’t use nonstick pots and pans for a long time. You know, I don’t allow Teflon in my house. So what a girl to do with potato pancakes and without nonstick cookware? I thought of ceramic cookware that I love but that wouldn’t be able to handle the job.

So I got enough courage and decided to go for it using my regular pan with a copper bottom.

I called my mother for a recipe. I substituted the flour in the recipe for my all-purpose Bob’s gluten free flour and started the process. 

Gluten Free Latkes :

I made them with the help of my boys, of course. I love involving them in the preparations.


Six Large Organic Idaho Potatoes

Three Large Organic Free Roaming Eggs (I order mine from the Amish)

A pinch of Sea Salt

A nice Pinch of Black Pepper

Dash of Garlic Powder

1/3 to ½ of a cup of Bob’s All-purpose gluten free flour

1 teaspoonful of Herbamare seasoning

1 tablespoonful of Walnut oil

Directions for gluten free latke:

My most important ingredient was my strong will to make them great. It was my first try and my kids were depending on me :-). And of course without Vitamix it would take me forever to make them. It literally took me minutes to make them it.

Wash the potatoes and peel them. Cut in large slices. Throw in the Vitamix.

Wash off the eggs, open them and place the egg into a small bowl. Make sure all the shells are out and place them into the Vitamix.

Add sea salt, garlic powder, all-purpose gluten free flour, seasoning and walnut oil.

Mix everything in the Vitamix. It takes seconds and I love this machine! Your mixture/batter should not be too thick, but not too liquidy either.

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I did use a lot of oil for this great project but I was comforted by the thought that I’m not using Teflon pans.

Fry them on each side until they are golden color. I did leave out one thing of my mom’s recipe. And that was the onions; I’m not a big fan. And for some reason my mom’s latkes were always darker, maybe because of the onions….

They came out so good!!! No, I didn't make those donuts on the picture. They were store bought gluten free donuts. Maybe another time:-).

For fun; you can take a cookie cutter with a dreidel and cut out a dreidel looking latke.

You can serve them with sour cream or apple sauce.

Please, enjoy your gluten free latkes!

Happy Chanukah and Happy New Year’s!!

Share Your Recipes with Us, please!!

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