Gluten Free Foods Guide.

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Gluten Free Foods Guide Is Here For Healthier You.

Learn How To Distinguish “Fake” Gluten Free Diet Foods From Real Healthy Ones.

A Healthy Guide For Newbies And For Experienced Gluten Freeks: 

Who doesn’t like to eat good food?

I don’t think that you are going to find many people who don’t enjoy great meal in the great restaurant or at home.

Eating is a part of life. Eating healthy is not always a part of your life, correct?

Although recently my friend tried arguing that eating should only be for survival and not for pleasure, I have to disagree here. I think eating should be for pleasure. If we were created to be able to feel the pleasure from eating a delicious meal so there has to be a reason for having that enjoyment. But overeating is a whole different story.

Food should not be a subject of guilt. Food should not be looked at as a bad thing, or as an enemy. Food is vital for our system…. It is completely up to you to havefull control of what you place in your mouth…When I say full control I exclude those with food addictions.

And if you are not a strong believer in food addictionand you think it was a “made up” term, I think that you are up for a surprise.

I‘ve dealt with many, many clients that had food addictions. And most of those had an addiction to carbohydrates. Helping these individuals to switch to gluten free life is the most difficult task. 

Why is that? There are so many reasons for that: like genetically modified foods, additives in the food and flavor enhancers in the food that simply alter your brain endogenous chemical reactions causing the brain to love that particular food just like an addictive drug. These chemicals can make you WANT TO HAVE MORE of that food.

You don’t want to be a slave to food? Right? So if you found out that you need to eat gluten free food from now on would you get scared?

Would it be a serious change for you? For most of you this would be a serious change.

A very common western breakfast will include carbohydrates: white bagel with orange juice or a toast with jam with coffee or better yet cereal with milk..My question is: “Where is the protein in that breakfast?” The most important part of your breakfast is protein. That metabolism jump start in the morning should be coming from protein, lots of protein. 

So you want to be able to have a nice and easy transaction from your current diet to gluten free diet? Can that be a smooth journey? Yes, it can.

Gluten-free foods can be delicious and nutritious.

Gluten-free food can be easily prepared.

Wheat gluten-free foods can be purchased and/or made at home pretty fast..Sometimes with a little bit of practice.

What you need to do is to calm yourself with a thought that there are now many, many brands which make gluten free foods.

Gluten free foods are more and more popular. Yes, original gluten free food was not so delicious but now you can find many brands that will completely satisfy you.

When I speak to my clients and explain to them that such and such food was not a healthy choice they get confused following with a question: But I got it in thehealth food store?

Yes, not everything in the health food store would be most healthy and certainly not everything there is appropriate for you.

The big question for most people is HERE:

"How to choose the foods which are appropriate for your nutritional type?"

"How to choose gluten-free foods that are right for you?"

If you need to get a quick test to check what nutritional type you are, just contact me here for a FREE TEST.

How do you know which gluten-free foods will give you energy, will give you vitality and positive mood? And not going to make you feel tired and foggy?

Yes, it is possible to achieve!!!!!!!! 

Gluten-Free Food Products. More information to choose great gluten-free products. 

If you want to do it right you may really want to get help from a qualified Functional Medicine practitioner like myself. Or you can see a qualified nutritionist.

The first step in Functional medicine healing method that I practice is to start a healing gluten free diet with healthy gluten free foods, not just any gluten free foods.

It can be most challenging finding the diet that works for you if you just simply follow advices on the net, in the magazines and even some respected articles. We are bombarded with information about new promising health foods every day. And often that “healthy” food turns out to be the total opposite of healthy.

Also, I use sophisticated food allergy tests that can open up a whole new life for you without inflammation, without indigestion and without gas. These food allergy tests will suggest the most common foods that you may be highly intolerable to. 

As a result of eating foods that you can’t tolerate (and don’t even know it) you may develop chronic inflammatory conditions. Your intestinal lining can become more and more permeable resulting in the condition known as a Leaky Gut Syndrome. This condition is not very accepted by traditional medicine. But I have a strong suspicion that it will be recognized eventually.

Just like with probiotics, I was laughed at when I mentioned importance of probiotics to my gastroenterologist seven years ago and now I am sure he recommends them to people.

GF foods should be also healthy foods. That is my goal here. I would like for everyone to not just switch to gluten free foods but also to eat healthy and eat what’s right for them.

If you are coming off from bagel in the morning and toast for lunch kind a diet it would be hard to go cold turkey with carbs. You may want to start eating the same type of foods but gluten free now. Many of my readers love Udi’s gluten free bagels and Udi’s gluten free bread.

Gluten free diet foods should have lower carbohydrate and fat content. The examples would be rice or buckwheat crackers. 

List of Gluten Free Foods. More complete list of GF foods. 

Gluten Free Pizza Guide. More information on safe gluten free pizza choices. 

Gluten free food products should really be gluten free certified and better if they are organic.

Gluten free food stores are such a rare thing right now. But many are opening up gluten free online stores more and more.

Gluten free foods celiac appropriate foods should absolutely be 100% gluten free certified, made in the facility that is not shared with gluten containing products.

Gluten-free foods: cereal that we like is Erewhon brown rice cereal. It’s has a great taste and kids love the taste.

I wish you great health and I wish you find the gluten free foods that you will truly enjoy and that they will give you complete satisfaction.

One last thing to remember, if you just started gluten free diet and don’t see the results right away, please don’t get discouraged. It can take a long time to work sometimes, and sometimes you may be consumingHidden Gluten. Make sure that you will stay away from hidden gluten. 

I wish you great health! 

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