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Gluten Free Food Products and Options.

Gluten free food products. Become A Super Gluten Freek With Us:)) 

I don’t know about you but I am very happy about seeing more and more gluten free labels in the story.

Many of you cannot appreciate this because you probably did not try gluten free diet that long ago. I started gluten free diet when most of the natural and health food stores didn’t know what it was.

I had my first gluten free bread shipped from a different state with a shipping cost more than the actual bread.

Now it is simpler to find but…. It is also very tricky to fall into new gluten free gimmicks.

How did many people get better on gluten free diet before? Simple…They didn’t have much starchy carbohydrates at all. 

Now we have lots of gluten free food products available and that makes many, many people happy. But it also makes you want to buy more of those gluten free cookies and gluten cakes.

Well.., they are gluten free, why can’t I have them? First of all, if you will look at the box please find thenutritional facts.

Did you see the sugar content? Did you look at ALL the ingredients? Was your sugar content more than 9 grams per serving? Did you see rice flour as your main grain? Did it say organic whole grain brown rice? If it didn’t say that then it plain non organic white rice that was probably genetically modified.

When I recommend gluten free diet to my patients I recommend it to decrease the inflammation. And only healthy gluten free diet can deliver anti-inflammatory results. 

How To Choose Great Gluten-Free Products.

Let’s figure out what makes great gluten-free products.

Obviously, better tasting gluten-free products will be on top of your list. What else?

Gluten-free products should really have a low amount of sugar per serving. Ideally you should not go with more than 7-8 grams of sugar per serving per meal.

Best gluten free products should be your natural foodslike salads with natural lemon and oil (no commercial dressing), vegetables (raw, grilled or sautéed).

Gf products list would depend on your taste. My kids like Erewhon cereals and Udi’s bread. They enjoy gluten free quinoa cookies and gluten free and dairy free hemp milk ice cream by Tempt.

Most of my patients really enjoy Udi’s gluten free hamburger buns with their grilled fish or meat (not too often of course).

For the list of gluten free products you can read moreHERE. Or you can always read the labels. 

Gluten-free products should always have Gluten free labeling. It’s better if you buy organic or certified organic gluten free food products.

If you want to feed your family healthy; you want to make sure they eat sufficient amount of vegetables, fruits, lean proteins, good fats and oils and lastly whole grain carbohydrates.

So if you are switching to gluten free diet and having a hard time in the beginning, just relax there’s a simple way… Just remember that if you are not sure what’s gluten and what’s not gluten the rule of thumb is always go completely grainless. You will not make a mistake.

A meal that contains grilled fish or meat with equal amount of salad or veggies with a spoonful of good oil is always a safe choice to be gluten free.

Kids have a harder time in the beginning adjusting to gluten free diet. But assure them that they will love that new gluten free pasta and eat it with them so you will set a great example.

Kids really learn from us. They do. It’s truly up to you to make the transition to gluten free food products to be smooth. 

If you have Trader Joe’s in your area you can find lots of great gluten free food products. My kids enjoy Gluten Free granola and gluten free quinoa for there. Lots of supermarkets now carry many gluten free brands.

Many people take it slow and switch one product at a time. And they have an easy transition. Some are doing it all at once. And it works for them.

You are really not going to be missing much when you choose your gluten free food products. There are plenty that have such great taste.

Make sure you have less sugar and more fiber in your favorite gluten free food products. Please, let us know what your favorite is.

I wish you great health!

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