Gluten Free Cosmetics.

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Gluten Free Cosmetics Options.

Who doesn’t love to look good?

I know I do. But I also like clean, green, cosmetics that WORK.

I knew that going gluten free would also include using gluten free skin care and make up. Since I started gluten free living it took me a long time finding gluten free make up. It was a challenge. I realized it was important and I realized since skin is the largest organ with a very rapid absorption rate I needed to do something.

I was a woman on a mission! At one point I was honestly considering making my own line of gluten free skin and make up products. After all I am a pharmacist and love to be mixing in my jarsJ…but I realized how much time I would need to put into that…

SO, I started trying this really natural start up brands…It felt like placing glue on my lips…

Then, it was all those European brands. I kind a liked one product from one company that was more or less natural and one of the first of gluten free cosmetics brands. And that was a lip gloss. It was kind a doing the job….But I wanted to see colors, I wanted to see variety of products, I wanted to get a large selection of all gluten free, chemical free cosmetics with many choices, lines for different skin types and GORGEOUS colors.

I also wanted to be able to do this for my patients (to recommend them a clean, green, gluten free line of products) who were trying to stay gluten free.

And then, I tried this brand and it was a LOVE at the first try!

Beautiful color lipsticks, gorgeous CC creams, fantastic Aromatherapy (a must for a mind detox), fabulous powders, amazing mascara AND after the fact that I fell in love with the products I found out that you can purchase or become a business partner with a company! I couldn’t be happier! I joined right away and have been making success for me or anyone who joins or just purchases the product at the discount. There’s money back guarantee!

How could you go wrong? There are no comparable products out there if you asked me. It’s a no brainierJEnjoy the products and have fun using this gluten free make up!

To purchase gorgeous gluten free cosmeticsclick here.


Helen Garron

“I am in LOVE with this company Intelligence® CC Cream. When I first started using it, I tried products based on a friend’s recommendation. Everything I wanted from a CC cream was there: the clean product, gorgeous color, the right price, and it works! I was first skeptical, like so many others, but I tried it and instantly fell in love.

I personally used to use many products that this cream replaced. It doesn't take much product on my skin to really build up. I also have to rave about the packaging. I've been using it for months now, it’s great, also locks for travel, so it won't spill out in your bag.”

This is what this CC cream replaces:

1. Primer

97.2% of women agreed the product provided skin with an even and smooth texture.


2. Protector

92% of women agreed the product protected skin's moisture barrier, giving a healthier, dewy-looking complexion.


3. Concealer

86% of women agreed the product concealed skin discoloration and imperfections.


4. Hydrator

92% of women agreed the product moisturized the skin.


5. Mattifier

92% of women agreed the product helped minimize shine.


6. Brightener

92% of women agreed the product made skin look brighter.


7. Blemish Cover

83% of women agreed the product covered skin imperfections.


8. Pore Refiner

95% of women agreed the product helped minimize the appearance of pores.


9. Comforter

92% of women agreed the product soothed skin through moisturization.


10. Complexion Controller

94% of women agreed the product helped perfect the look of skin complexion.

Diane Zucker:

“I wanted to use gluten free cosmetics because I needed to stay 100% gluten free. The bronzer and the gluten free lipstick from this company were fantastic! I never used to enjoy wearing makeup so much! And now I’m also making money talking about clean, pure, effective gluten free cosmetics! The powder and oil absorbing lotion are refreshing your skin and makeup throughout the day!”

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