Gluten Free Breakfasts.
Most Important Meal Of The Day.

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Gluten Free Breakfasts Are My Favorite.

When I think gf breakfast, I think simple.

When I think gf breakfast, I think nutritious.

When I think gf breakfast, I think fulfilling and fast.

When I think breakfast, in general, I know that I need aperfect combination of protein, carbohydrate and healthy fat. And that may be very unusual to many of you. 

Our standard breakfast menu usually is full of “quick pick me ups”. Right?

Trying to avoid gluten problems? What do you like to eat for breakfast?

I know that most people like their toast with coffee. Some will have cereal with coffee. Haw many of us love those bagels with cream cheese with their morning coffee? I know, I know.. It’s really good. Oh, how I used to enjoy those croissants with butter with hazelnut coffee….All that is the thing of my past.

Do not be afraid of breaking the rules here. That may be your best decision yet.

I personally love breakfast. I feel the need for full morning meal. It makes me energized and ready to start my day.

But not everyone is into having early meals. So many people skip breakfast and only eat lunch as their first meal… this is a classic behavior of carbohydrate type of a person.

What happens to your body when you skip breakfast?

Your body starts using stored fat as the source of energy. And you think that is great? You think maybe you will lose a pound or two here? Right?

But what does it really mean? It means that this process will eventually slow down your metabolism and you may start gaining weight instead of losing weight, even though you ate less than a person next to you who had a huge breakfast.

How do we fix that? Simple, eat your breakfast.

If you are here, on my gluten free information site, then have your gluten free breakfast. And do it right.

If you just started gluten free diet and need to have your gluten free toast, gluten free waffles or gluten free bagel in the morning, make sure that you also have a sufficient amount of great source of protein and a good, healthy fat to make up a nutritious meal.

A good example for great

source of protein for breakfast is uncured turkey bacon(about 4 ounces) or 2-3 organic, free roaming eggs.

A good source for your healthy fat/oil would be organic, extra-virgin coconut oil or high-lignant, unprocessed flax seed oil.

Finding delicious gluten free bagels was hard until very recently. That was until I discovered Udi’s regular gluten free bagels and Udi’s cinnamon raisin gluten free bagels. These were the first gluten free bagels that I really liked.

As far as decent tasting waffles I think that Trader's Joes waffles taste Ok but they have soy flour so I make my own waffles and pancakes from Bob’s gluten free mixes. But honestly, that doesn’t happen too often.

What about healthy, nutritious gluten free breakfast that is also fast to make and easy to grab to go? Simple..

This is what I make for my own breakfast. You may want to improve my gluten free breakfast recipe. I would appreciate if you send any comments.

Gluten Free Breakfasts Shake:
  1. 1 Tablespoonful of freshly milled flaxseed
  2. 1 Tablespoonful of Flaxseed oil
  3. 2 Raw Organic Free Roaming Eggs
  4. 2 Tablespoonfuls of Frozen Organic Wild Blueberries
  5. ½ cup of Unsweetened Almond Milk from Pacific Foods (I like Vanilla Flavor)
  6. 2 scoops of Designs for Health Dairy Free Protein Shake Powder in Vanilla Berry Flavor


I use Magic Bullet to make my shakes.

First, grind the flaxseeds.

Then, add frozen blueberries and half of that almond milk. Mix in a Magic Bullet for a few seconds.

Then, add the eggs and the flaxseed oil and mix for a few seconds in the bullet.

Then, add two scoops of dairy free, gluten free protein powder and the rest of the almond milk. Mix it until it’s uniform and smooth. Sometimes I add liquid acai berry liquid supplement for that extra lift, but not always. 

Notice, I didn’t drink coffee and I had plenty of energy because I had all that my body needs in the morning.

Caffeine is just a quick fix that creates addiction and may cause health issues. I love the taste of coffee but try to avoid caffeine completely. And I recommend that to all my clients.

After the shake I can enjoy a cup of naturally decaffeinated green tea with Kambucha. You get all the green tea benefits without all that caffeine. Yes, sometimes you can get the best of both worlds.

You can substitute frozen blueberries for raspberries or wild berries. If you really need to go sweeter than that you can add frozen or fresh strawberries. Many of my clients enjoy this particular shake with bananas. Bananas would not be my first choice, so if you really need to add them add just a little bit. Bananas are full of sugar and starch.

Sometimes, you can substitute flaxseed oil for organic extra-virgin coconut oil. But you would need to use fresh berries because frozen ones will make the oil form into bits and pieces. 

If you can’t have raw eggs, you don’t need to use them in this shake recipe. It tastes great even without the eggs. But those eggs add nutrition that your body starves for.

It’s important to buy unsweetened almond milk. The shake would have enough sugar from your berries.

So you can take this gf breakfast in the cup to go. This gluten free breakfast is full of great nutrition, and it’s a perfect combination of protein, carbohydrate, fiber and a healthy fat.

Gluten free bars are great choices for your snack time.

Gluten Free Bars can also be a part of your gluten free breakfasts. My kids love Glutino brand of gluten free bars with different fruit flavors. But don’t eat the whole bar at one time. That would be too much sugar.

We also love Cocommune bars, Paleo Bar Dairy Free and Anabolic Paleo Bars. All these are from Design for Health. Contact me HERE if you are interested in Designs for Health products.

Bon appetite! 

Tips for Healthy Gluten Free Breakfasts
  • Drink water with lemon upon awaking for better digestion.
  • Always eat your first meal within one hour upon waking up.
  • Make plans for your gluten free breakfasts the night before.
  • Gluten free breakfast should include right proportion of protein, good fats and very little or no starchy carbohydrates.

I wish you great health! 
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What is your Favorite Gluten Free Breakfast?

Have A Great Gluten Free Breakfast Recipe?Do you have a great gluten free breakfast secret? Please Share it!

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