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When I just finished pharmacy school and got licensed, I was so proud of myself. I thought that I achieved the greatest success that I could. That was until I got sick with Crohn’s disease. Then I realized it was not enough to have great knowledge in traditional medicine. I also needed to get alternative health education. I was looking for alternative Crohns disease treatment.

It was pretty hard to find good alternative health practitioners or holistic health practitioners. I was lucky to find one holistic health practitioner who was an MD. Her name is Dr. Shvarts. And I am very grateful to her for all her help.

Then I decided to get an education in holistic and alternative health and found a great clinical training. I am trained in this complimentary/holistic practice and licensed in traditional health care practice. So you can call me a holistic pharmacist.

What is Functional Medicine? Why am I so passionate about this health care approach?

  • Focuses on preventative measures.
  • Utilizes state-of-the-art diagnostic testing (saliva, urine, stool tests, gluten sensitivity tests, etc.).
  • We put together a combination of traditional and alternative health care methods into whole body wellness with a very modern and effective approach.
  • We actually address and help treat the underlying cause of the illness. In other words, we strive to find the root of the problem, rather than just take care of the symptoms.

Are You Experiencing:

Heartburn * Indigestion or Bloating * Fatigue * Irritability and Mood Swings * PMS
Fertility Problems * Hot Flashes * Night Sweats * Weight Gain or Weight Problems
Headaches and Migraines * Insomnia * Depression and Anxiety * Food Cravings
Decreased Sexual Desire * Insomnia * Arthritis * Joint Pain & Inflammation * Food Allergies * Overeating

Are you tired ALL the time? Are you sick of babying your chronic disease? Then, you are at the right place.

I have Crohn’s disease and I am in full remission because of Functional Medicine. If you have chronic diseases, I can help you reverse your chronic symptoms.

My name is Inna Lukyanovsky. I am a licensed, registered pharmacist for close to 20 years now and Functional Medicine practitioner with a very strong education in both practices. I can help you even when your doctor cannot find the root of your problem.

Functional Medicine is an individualized healing approach that focuses on the patient rather than the disease. Traditional medicine mostly concentrates on treating the patient’s symptom while Functional Practice gets to the root or the real cause of the problem. Conventional medicine is mostly disease-centered and Functional medicine is patient-centered.

This isn't some kind of healing guessing game. This is a laboratory based, proven method of healing with years of studies.

A great example here would be integrative approach to Crohn’s disease. The possible causes are numerous but the real cause for Crohn’s disease is still considered unknown. That’s what your traditional gastroenterologist would tell you.  In Functional Medicine Practice we would still try to find the underlying cause of the disease on an individual level.

In traditional medicine there are many great Crohn’s disease treatments. There are many wonderful Crohn’s disease medications. And there are many side effects that come along with those wonder drugs. I know this as a pharmacist and as a Crohn’s patient that used to take them.

So what did I do when I realized that those medications made me better in acute cases of Crohn’s disease(during flare-ups) but really caused me so many other problems because of the side effects  when the flare ups were gone? I looked for other ways. Your doctor would tell you to continue these medications because they are there to prevent your next flare-up. Surely, but what if I managed to prevent your next flare up in a more holistic, natural way? Wouldn’t that be great?!

I was searching and researching for years. I was asked many times during my journey why would a conventionally trained pharmacist look for more natural ways to heal.


Because I wanted to feel GREAT and not just fine. I wanted to integrate modern medicine with natural treatment and holistic approach to perfect the healing method.

And guess what? I did it. I am very proud for accomplishing many things in my life, including getting my pharmacy degree, but now my biggest pride is my passion and knowledge of Functional Medicine. Functional Practice is the healing method that I was looking for. 

Skeptical? I was that way too. I knew that Functional Medicine helped many patients with chronic diseases. The success rate is phenomenal. But I wanted to learn the clinical aspect of Functional Medicine from a successful Functional Medicine Practitioner.  I feel very confident to offer my services to chronic patients and patients looking for real wellness.

Functional medicine is really evolutionary in the practice of medicine. It can better assess the 21st century patient’s needs and illuminate an effective course of action or treatment.

These could be the source(s) of your problems and you may not even know it:

Are You Ready To Feel Better?

You may contact me for an initial consultation. My initial consultation fee is $299 (about 45 minutes to 1 hour). Once, you become my client, we will schedule the next phone or Skype consultations. At that time I will also send you take home lab testing customized for your condition. This is very convenient because it's done in the privacy of your own home. No extra trips to the lab company. After the results are in, we will discuss the natural treatment protocol for you. 

You could order take home lab tests:

  • Adrenal hormone testing for adrenal exhaustion
  • Stool bacteria and parasites
  • Gluten intolerance or gluten sensitivity
  • Hormonal testing for women and men, especially useful for women having trouble to conceive and trouble with PMS symptoms
  • Overall toxicity and comprehensive metabolic testing
  • And many others.

    Remember, you won't get these tests at your doctor's office.

    We Do Need Functional Medicine. Holistic Health Solutions For You... But Why?
    People are now suffering from an increased number of chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer, mental illness, and autoimmune disorders like Crohn’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia. All these problems are due to enormous stress, environmental issues, poor food quality, bad eating habits, not to mention a chaotic lifestyle..

    As a Functional Medicine Practitioner I can’t decrease your stressors, but I can help you avoid getting sick from them.

    Most doctors are simply too busy or not trained adequately to incorporate diet, nutrition, life-style changes and natural supplements to prevent the underlying causes of many chronic diseases. That is where I come in. I am in no way trying to replace your doctor. As a Functional Medicine Practitioner I enhance your healing in a more holistic way.

    Why Would You Choose Functional Medicine?
    You would choose this approach because it concentrates on YOU, not on your symptoms.

    Functional Medicine is an integrative, science and lab-based protocols method. It integrates best medical methods, something like a perfect combination of Western medicine with an alternative, holistic approach. This puts a focus on a patient’s diet, nutrition, life-style and exercise.

    It’s really important to look for a trusted health practitioner. You need to find the kind of holistic health practitioner that is able to have great communication with you. Great communication with your consultant is an important part of healing. After all, you can’t improve as fast with a health care practitioner that does not take the time to get to know you and your condition.  It just doesn’t work.

    Your Holistic Pharmacist Is Just A Phone Call Away.

    For More On Distance Wellness/Functional Medicine Coaching:

There aren't that many experienced complimentary medicine practitioners out here. It’s even more difficult to find a holistic pharmacist. But you are at the right place.

Phone Consultations

  1. As a consultant I am able to work with clients over the phone because the health programs I design are based on the results of lab tests that can easily be done in the privacy of your own home.
  2. These lab tests are then used to assess the function of four basic body systems: hormone, immune, digestive and detoxification systems.
  3. During your initial phone consultation I will review your personal and family health history, and make recommendations for functional lab tests that are appropriate for your specific health issues.
  4. If you choose to go ahead with a program offered to you and once your lab work has been completed, I will explain the meaning of your test results to you in a follow-up consultations.
  5. I will also create an individualized health program, which will include one or more of the following:

    Nutritional Supplements Exercise Lifestyle Management Nutritional Changes Stress Management If you are looking for alternative Crohns disease treatment, you are at the right place. If you have any other digestive or chronic disorder, you are at the right place.

Are You Ready To Feel Better? Improve Your Quality Of Life!

You can overcome many chronic health problems.

  • You will have your chronic symptoms reversed overtime
  • You will greatly reduce the chances of getting colds and the flu
  • You will have more energy
  • You can even improve your fertility tremendously

Using Functional Medicine is a proven method to heal. Heal that inflammation! Start having more energy! You Deserve it!

  • You will get email support.
  • Appointments on the phone or on location.
  • Depending on each individual case you can get in-home laboratory test kits like metabolic testing, adrenal test kit ( to test how your body reacts to combination of stressers in your life), gastrointestinal parasite and bacteria test kits, hormone testing and the most comprehensive test of all the metabolism testing(just one sample of urine can tell me a story). You will be able to order other test kits.

This video below will explain the concept of this complimentary practice in details. Please, watch this video. You will see why I am so passionate about this holistic approach.

If you are ready to improve your health, start your initial consultation with me. It will be much more economical overtime than spending your money on the countless doctors’ visits and countless prescriptions. GET YOUR HEALTH BACK!

I wish you great health,




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