Functional Diagnostic Labs For Crohns

Functional Diagnostic Labs For Crohns.

I have been diagnosed with Crohns disease. I had this for last 8 years, they debated between UC and Crohns and now confirmed it is crohns. I have no clue what causes the flare-ups. But when the flare-up starts it makes my life a hell. I have 2 small kids to take care of.

My life becomes a burden when the condition starts. I lose weight, no energy at all, no appetite, no interest in life, and no passion to even take care of kids. It is like living hell.

I am a vegetarian. I would like to understand what causes such drastic inflammation in body and how to handle the situation and how to handle the cause not just suppress the inflammation.

I am put on steroids for the 5th time now in last 4 years, I am just 35.

Please help me get out of this situation and live a healthy life. When in good health, I am a very positive, energetic, hard working woman. I am very successful career wise; I am a senior software engineer. My managers have always praised me for my extreme ability and hardworking nature. But now

I am not even able to concentrate on my career or continue working due to this illness. I love to get back to work because it is my passion.

Reply from Inna:

Thank you very much for sharing your story! It’s hard to deal with a chronic condition and even harder to deal with it when you have kids and need to take care of them.

I’d love to get all patients to feel great in an instant ,but you know it takes time and a full dedication to YOUR health! So setting the
priorities straight will start your path to healing with a
mindset of a determined healed person. You want to be the type of person who wants health and not just health, THE GREATEST health as that’s how you see yourself and it’s your priority.

The important steps to getting better, in my opinion, will not only involve the figuring out the rootcause of the problem (and I do that with Functional Diagnostic lab approach), but also getting your mind and body to re-connect. That’s where I recommend my patients to also incorporate Yoga, breathing techniques, meditation and/or tapping methods. I also offer BioEnergy therapy for my clients. Now as this powerful combination works faster than most others I am able to start the patients on supplements that are recommended for them individually according to Functional Diagnostic results.

When the three body system approach is understood by a patient and the customized program are completed, majority of our patients get truly symptom free and that is the most wonderful accomplishment for my patients and myself. It does require the commitment; yet it’s really worth it!

I would recommend for you to go on a strict anti-inflammatory diet, dairy and soy free for at least two month. And I would recommend for you stay off gluten for that anti-inflammatory affect and consider checking your Iron, Magnesium and CRP levels with your doctor.

Replenishing missing nutrients, vitamins and minerals is vital and that requires great laboratory diagnostics. I trust my Functional Laboratories very much since they helped me resolve many, many chronic Crohn’s cases.

Contact my office when you are ready to schedule the appointment. I have patients from all over and we work on the phone, Skype, Face time and of course on person. All the supplements and test kits are promptly mailed out.


Wishing All My Readers and All My patients A HEALTHY New Year!

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