Need A Flatulence Remedy? How do we deal with flatulence ?

Flatulence remedy. Best tips for stopping flatulence. What causes flatulence? Get rid of flatulence problems.

Best tips for stopping flatus. Learn how to stop annoying intestinal gas.

It’s so embarrassing that most patients don’t even want to discuss it with their health professionals.

This is a very common symptom in most digestive system disorders. It's a common symptom in Crohns patients as well in most IBD (inflammatory bowel disorder) patients and IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome) patients.

How humiliating is it to have intestinal gas problems?

What causes flatulence?

The causes of flatulence can be numerous. Imbalanced intestinal flora, improper diet, chronic intestinal disorders, stress are just some of the causes of flatulence.

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What is flatulence?

It is the expulsion of intestinal gas or flatus through the rectum by the same movement as your bowel movement.

Flatulence Remedy - Flatulence home remedy:

When you have flatulence problems, make a few cups of fennel tea for the whole day. Brew it the old fashioned way. Try not to use the tea bags. This may not as effective. Drink it throughout the day.

Also, you can try the same gripe water that’s used for kids as a flatulence remedy.

Flatulence Remedy - Tips For Stopping Flatulence:

Flatulence Remedy - So what do we do to stop flatulence problems?

  • First thing we should do is to minimize stress. Not an easy first step, I realize, but very important. Also, try some breathing exercises, stress reducing activities, etc.

  • Then, start improving your diet by reducing sugar intake and minimizing processed foods and adding more healing foods like fruits, vegetables and legumes.

  • Most gastroenterologists won’t recommend foods that produce gasses like broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower and more in this case. But these foods are full of nutrition and vitamins that our cells starve for. Try to add them back to your diet and take digestive enzymes with it.

  • Try to drink plenty of water(filtered, please) and chew your food slowly. Try to eat small meals a few times a day rather than one to two large meals.

  • Consider adding a great quality multivitamin to fill in your nutritional gaps. I prefer liquid multivitamin because it’s easier and faster to digest. It’s important to use supplements in liquid form for Crohns patients because we have a difficulty digesting to begin with and it’s beneficial to anyone that has a problem with intestinal gas.

  • You can add a magnesium supplement to your regular multivitamins to help soften the stool which should help decrease gas. Magnesium supplement may not be suitable for patients with high blood pressure. Check with your doctor first.

Flatulence Remedy - Avoid Foods That Cause Flatulence.

The most common foods that cause flatulence are beans, peas, some vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower and others. If the digestive system is in balance the flatus would be minimal or none at all after eating these foods. If the patient has a chronic digestive problem like Crohn’s disease, Celiac disease, Ulcerative colitis, IBS and others, they can experience more gas pain because the insides are inflamed. The flatulence relief here would be taking digestive enzymes every time you eat foods that cause flatus.

Extreme flatulence and chronic flatus is not a sign of great digestive health, especially if it’s really foul smelling. It’s a warning from your body that something is probably not in balance.

Flatulence Remedy - Available Products: There are a lot of traditional products on the market. The ones that work contain a medication called simethicone. The brand name is GAS-X. It works fast but causes constipation that leads us back to gas and takes ariund a vicious cycle. That means chronic use of this medication might become unfavorable.

There are non-medication related products for flatus (or intestinal gas). There is even special underwear for people with a chronic flatus problems.

There are herbal and homeopathic products available that helped a lot of patients with gas. Some of these patients told me that doing Yoga helped their flatulence problems.

An over-the-counter product that might works well as a great flatulence remedy is activated charcoal. It comes in tablet or capsules form. I like this product because it works well for intestinal gas and actually detoxifies the colon. It’s more of a natural product than a medicine. It does cause constipation but to a lesser degree than simethicone. Make sure to check for the ingredients because a lot of companies constantly reformulate their products. The brand of Charco-Caps has the original activated charcoal as an ingredient at this time. But Charco-Caps came out with homeopathic formula for gas and the two boxes look very similar.

Flatulence Remedy: Coconut oil helped many with digestive system problems including people with serious gas problems. Many patients that were treated holistically reported big improvements taking one to two tablespoonfuls of pure coconut oil daily.

Imbalance of the intestinal flora could be the result of many things like antibiotics overuse, improper diet, hormonal imbalance, underlined chronic conditions like Crohns disease, etc. This imbalance is a major cause for formation of flatus. The use of these probiotics can significantly improve gas problems.

Digestive Enzymes. I think that digestive enzymes can help many patients with gas problems. Digestive enzymes can ease up your gas pain. If you experienced gas problems after eating broccoli, beans, dairy, etc. they may help you temendously. These enzymes help you digest those tough to absorb foods.

Flatulence Remedy: As a home remedy, you can try some fennel, dandelion or ginger tea for mild flatus.

For moderate cases you may want to try homeopathic preparations for gas and cramping by companies called HEEL, Hylan or Boiron or ask your doctor for a prescription of Bentyl that is used for the temporary relief of spasmodic pain associated with gas. Bentyl works well for many patients but it also has side effects like drowsiness and dry mouth, etc. It would not be a first choice for chronic use or for the elderly.

Hope you get rid of your flatulence for good and won't need that flatulence remedy anymore. I wish you all well!

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