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Sep 04, 2010
Reply to Your Question.
by: Inna

Hello and thanks for your question.

Yes, both Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis are IBDs or inflammatory bowel diseases.

There are more similarities between them than differences.

In ulcerative colitis mostly colon is affected. In Crohn's disease the whole gastrointestinal system can be affected.

But the most classic difference between Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis would be having fistulas in Crohn's disease as well as intestinal wall thickening. This wall thickening in Crohn's disease can be bad to the point of terrible bowel obstruction. This bowel obstruction may require immediate surgery.

I hope I answered you question. Please, know that I practice Functional Medicine and take patients for telephone health and wellness consultations. Many of my clients are in full remission.

You can contact me on the Contact Us page.

Best, Inna

Oct 19, 2011
by: Toni

They took a biopsy on my colon and sent it off to be examined and that is how they diagnosed my crohns.

Nov 15, 2011
how to find out if you have crohns
by: Anonymous

I' new, but I thought a cat scan would tell if you have Crohn's?

Comments from Inna:

CAT scan is a noninvasive testing radiology tool to check for tumors, polyps, abnormal growth as well as for abnormal masses, fistulas and diverticulitis. This type of testing is getting more and more advanced and the results interpreted by specialists are very much trusted by the doctors.

CAT scans are becoming indispensible for diagnosing Crohn’s disease. And we know that more and more cases of Crohn’s disease are being diagnosed every day.

It’s scary in one way; since this could be a debilitating disease to have. And for some patients it’s a relief to finally receive the diagnosis since it takes a long time to diagnose some patients (the symptoms and disease presentation may be confusing and contradictory).

CAT scan is a part of testing for Crohn's disease. It's like a piece of a puzzle. CAT scan alone usually can't tell a full picture. There's should be more labs and tests done to confirm that diagnosis.

CAT scan alone can be a clear indication that there's a possibility of Crohn's and some doctors would be able to be almost positive that it is in fact Crohn's disease after looking at a cat scan.

Although most gastroenterologists would base their final diagnosis on more than one test; even if it’s as clear as CAT scan.

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