Dietry Change

by Stephen
(Dublin Ireland)

Hi there, I am male 30 years of age and was feeling not well, that is the only way that I can describe. People around me, work, and even myself doubted that I was really ill. It affected me emotionally, I felt isolated and depressed.

I eventually got a abscess in my gum and in the perianal area. At first, the doctor reffered me to a dermatologist, previous to this I presented over a two year period with being very run down and sickly, and every time it was a flu or chest infection so I was told by the local gp and more antibiotics where given, eventually the boil under the scrotum turned into a sinus?? Well it changed burst and continued leeking, I felt better. It continued to run liquid blood, plasma, and infected old material lol, a and I didnt know what to do as there was no tri specialist that could deal with my particular problem. That is possible fistula, tunneling from bowel was across sphincter muscle and appeard to be going in to the male urinary tract and scrotum, blood test showed not sign of blood poisening so, was marked urgent as outpatients for the tri specialist who was out of the country..stay with me ..... my appointment came a week later to be seen over four months away..

Gp was useless so left there got another one who was more informed but who could only give dietry information and advocate to get me seen quicker whether public private etc. I found out shortly public or private made no difference on the time waiting factor, so I researched.

1) DIET. literally gaged everything that I ate if it didn't feel in any way right it was gone. So no no dairy, no wheat, gluten. Diet all fresh meats and veg etc, no read meats, beef, lamb, etc, so fish is main staple with chicken, turkey. Potatoes have totally gone yeah I am suppose to be Irish lol, any way rice, brown or white and not to much mind you is good. Eggs in rice, scrambelled, breakfast dinner, a main in my diet. Vegetables, nothing too high fibre, not too much garlic, chilli are fine?? Yeah I know these or other herbs, spices don't have a negative effect. Rapeseed oil only oil I use so basics no red meat, no dairy whatso ever, no wheat particuarly gluten.

2)HERBS Supplements, due to being so sick and inaction or assist acne by the medical establishment I had no other option, done some research and used the following, goldenseal, cat's claw, echinacea, dandeliaon root, peppermint, ginger, all capsules. Black charcoal to clean out the system was first, Omega fish oils, over a couple of weeks I did feel much better.

3) SURGERY, first went to consultation, asked how I felt said I was great in comparison to previous months, they had a look at abscess history etc and then they became concerned. Yes it was leeking a little but was clear liquid, not black, red brown, or with a stink as previous 2 months, was back at work get a phone call that friday.

I am in for surgery that monday all panick stations on there part not mine lol agreed before surgery that one sticth in the bowel wall one stitch in
the perianal area and a attached pully device as was less invasive, any how before surgery, surgeon tells me I must have had the hole forming at least a year or more, so was seriously sick, woke up from surgery, to be told no hole in bowel wall or so it appeared and it was just an abscess lol they done a good job of leaving me well cut so I was to be packed 4 months 2 weeks of sorbac tied back to back about twenty six inches long of gauze.

Anyway near the end now, colonoscopy was done post surgery and guess what it looks like Crohns and there was a hole in the bowel wall that had self healed it was plain to see, this can only be put down to combination of herbs over those four months, packing finished last friday, nearly there wound just finished.

Consultant says biopsy taken at colonoscopy doesn't show signs of Crohn's although there was visually red lines visable, so still awaiting final decision which is a bit silly I think, really a medical educated guess.

4)Previous history: I was suffering all my life with diarrhea, pains, cramps, etc. It was something that was nearly funny within social groups but it's not as you do turn around and say hey mate hows your stools. So my ignorance was, it was just a part of who I was. HONEST

5)Final: in this week for MRI, then 2 weeks later all being well a final diagnosis and case closed. All seems good. From my experience it seems people have these fistuals etc reoccur, consultants that I have seen many don't seem to be sure, coupled with that there seems no exact test for Crohn's, it seems a educated medical guess based upon history and whats presented at a particular passs on what I believed worked best for me was firstly those herbs, follow instructions don't take them longer then needed, get an allergy test done if nothing it will show you a general area of foods to steer clear from, use the herbs and knowledge from allergy test and test experiment record and create a new diet, monitor results, after surgery, sea salt baths hot not burning and massage around area not the wound, that aids healing that's my experience, some of the herbs mentioned help with the healing process so get the research going to find out.

I was told my healing rate was substantial for such a wound and was off the charts, chelated zinz, vit c, echinacea, goldenseal, bromelain assisted the post surgery recovery,,,processed food is totally out the window, fresh, organic and free range is better trust me on that, and also cook for yourself control exactly what you eat know each ingredient is sauces for example, just to let you know with the diet change I lost 2 stones. I do not put this down to wound healing, calorie control etc, I believe it was the wheats, dairy I was allergice too really I do because calories have gone up in other forms soya, coconut milk etc lol.

Thanks, I hope if nothing there was so small piece of advice I wrote that helps.

Thanks, Stephen

P.S. Spelling is bad, especially medical terminology of which I have no experince than as a patient.

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