Diet change and medication has helped me.

by Josh
(Perth Australia )

Hi all, I was diagnosed with Crohns about 2 months ago. A quite severe case. I have lived with it for probably nearly 30 years, I'm 38 now. Diagnosis answered a lot of questions for me. I prefer a more holistic approach as you can imagine I don't have a lot of faith in some of the conventional doctors I've seen over the years. I am a Chef and business person and have tried to fix any problems with diet change but with only short term success. I have now had iron infusion for anaemia and am on Pentasa mesalazine. The most noticeable change however has come from my change in diet. I have lost 7 kg, I'm overweight due to lifestyle, my skin is clearer, as everyone tells me, I'm feeling good and most of all no more diarhea, cramps, pain, blood. The diet change you ask? A specific diet that I've created for myself as all cases are individual specific. Ultimately I have adapted a gluten free, dairy free, processed food free diet. Organic where possible, avoiding all grains and legumes. Similar to a paleo diet but I also avoid nuts and some non tolerated vegetables. I am basically staying away from gut irritants, with the exception of wine and apple cider. I like a drink after a busy day at work. Being a chef, and owning a VERY busy cafe as well as other business, I am under almost constant stress. My next endeavour is to work on this.

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Oct 25, 2017

by: Inna

I love your story Josh! It takes time to tweak the diet, but it's so worth it! Would love to hear more from you, especially since you are a chef and can share your healing recipes.

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