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Oct 17, 2011
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by: Inna

I really appreciate your comment.

I run this site by myself and it's so great that I have such loyal readers who write to me and eventually trust me to be their wellness coach.

If you notice anything wrong on my pages please continue to let me know. I am truly grateful for that.

Please, forgive me for any typos, misspelling and other things. I'm a working mother who is trying very hard to be great at home, great at work and help so many of my readers.

I have to also do a lot of screening with my submissions. I get many, many of them. Many people are just trying to promote unjustified products to make a quick buck. Some will swear they have the "one size fits all" Crohn's cure.

Before I post or say anything to my readers everything is triple checked. I go as far as reading great unbiased studies and studying from respectable holistic clinical educators.

There may be typos; I try not to have them :); but I won't allow nonsense.

Love and health to all of you!!

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