Diet Before Colonoscopy Bowel Preparation.

Diet before colonoscopy bowel preparation-Here's what you need to know.

Most of the time your doctor will give you precise instructions with medications recommendations and diet tips. But not all the time. You will need to start the preparation up to four days prior to the colonoscopy, depending on your gastroenterologist's suggestions.

What is a successful colonoscopy? The successful colonoscopy for you is good news from the doctor after it’s done.

The successful bowel preparation to your gastroenterologist means very empty and clean colon.

The doctors would want you to take this diet before colonoscopy bowel preparation very seriously. They want to see a clear and clean colon. And nothing else there. Do it right the first time if you decide to go through with colonoscopy. Because at many instances doctors were sending “unprepared” patients home after starting the procedure and suggested to return a week later but better prepared.

Diet before colonoscopy bowel preparation…. Being a pharmacist I was asked many unusual questions from patients about what is OK to eat and what medications are OK to take.

Best Tips For Bowel Prep

  • First, stop taking any iron tablets, multivitamins with iron and herbal supplements four days before the procedure since these can color the intestines and interfere with the procedure.

  • Tell the doctor or pharmacist about ALL your medications. Some of them have to be stopped not to cause bleeding and some will have to be continued. Certain medications can also cause discoloration. Discuss this at least a week before the procedure.

  • Consider discussing some pain relieving options for after procedure if you are a Crohn's disease patient. Many Crohn's disease patients experience cramping after colonoscopy.

  • Also, tell your doctor if you are allergic to any medications or even to plastic or latex because the procedure involves the above mentioned.

Four Days Before:

Foods To Avoid Before Colonoscopy (up to 4 days) -Diet Before Colonoscopy Bowel Preparation:

  • Stop eating fiber and stop taking fiber supplements.

  • Limit your coffee drinking, alcohol consumption as well as chocolate consumption.

  • Stop taking every-day colon cleansing products since they may work as fiber, bulking agents.

  • Avoid eating:





    -red meat

    -red drinks

    -red wine

    -artificially colored drinks


    -milk and dairy.

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    One commonly made mistake is when patients drink plenty of Gatorade or other sports drinks because they were told to keep hydrated but most of the sports drinks are artificially colored and flavored.

    I have seen patients drinking gallons of red colored Gatorade without a doubt in their mind. And they had to repeat the procedure.

    Up to 4 days before colonoscopy; What To Eat Before A Colonoscopy - Colonoscopy Diet:

      It is OK to eat
    • clear broth
    • chicken broth
    • steamed chicken
    • broiled fish
    • soft-boiled eggs
    • mashed potatoes
    • cheese, it should mostly be white-colored foods.
    • And most guides from your gastroenterologist’s office will recommend eating white bread, but I can’t recommend that with a clear conscience. White bread is not my choice of a healthy diet. I would rather recommend eating no bread at all than white bread.

    Diet before colonoscopy bowel preparation may sound too inconvenient to some people. Some people are afraid to be hungry on this diet. Consider getting this great and healthy whey protein shake. It's white, it will fill you up, too. Not a bad idea?

    I was pretty concerned about the connection between heavy metal toxicity and digestive system disorders. So I started my serious research. After a long search I found the right place and changed all my cookware to these great pots and pens. I don't need to worry anymore about the chemical and metals leaching into my food and slowly poisoning my digestive system.

    Great tips for bowel preping.

    Tips for colonoscopy diet.

    One Day Before:

    The next step of the diet before colonoscopy bowel preparation.

    One day before the procedure - Diet Before Colonoscopy Bowel Preparation:

    Most doctors will recommend you to have a light breakfast. Egg whites with some white tea or light colored crackers are the choices for the colonoscopy diet prep.

    -it’s ok to drink white tea, water, regular tea and some doctors are even OK with coffee. I can’t agree there but you can choose to listen to your doctor. Coffee is a delicious drink but continuous use of coffee can cause problems for people with gastro-intestinal disorders. It can cause stomach upset, gastritis and even reflux. Occasional coffee drinking is OK but chronic dependence of coffee or anything else is not good. Please, remember that nothing should be added to your tea or coffee before the procedure.

    -it’s OK to drink apple juice, white grape juice, fat-free clear broth, strained fruit juices(not red or purple).

    -drink at least every hour to prevent dehydration. If you are choosing sports drink, please get clear or lemon or ginger flavored types. Make sure to stay away from colonoscopy laxative like Fleet Phospho-Soda since it caused many health problems and even death. I was never a big fan of this over the counter product. There are many other products available now for colonoscopy preparation.

    Following the right diet before colonoscopy bowel preparation comes the day of the colonoscopy procedure

    Tips For Smooth Colonoscopy Procedure:

    • I think you should try to request your colonoscopy as early in the morning as possible especially if you are working next day. It takes me a full day to recuperate from this procedure. Also, if you are done early, you would be able to eat sooner.
    • I know that I get massive migraine headaches if I don’t eat right so something natural can be useful to take with you like a migraine cold pack, half of a lemon wrapped in gauze to smell, peppermint scented sachets or migraine sticks to apply on the temples.
    • Have someone to drive you home. You maybe drowsy.
    • Take your own healthy snack if you are following my diet before colonoscopy bowel preparation. The sugary snacks in the office are not good for you, especially after the procedure.
    • Take your own filtered or spring water to the office.

    The day of procedure:

    The last step in following the diet before colonoscopy bowel preparation is the day of the colonoscopy and you can drink up to three to four hours before the procedure. Nothing else should be taken by mouth after that.

    I hope you have a safe procedure and great results!

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