Did this turn into Proctitis?

I was diagnosed with Crohns this March in the ileum.

No diarrhea but mainly fullness and pain in the left side.

Was on Entocort and Pentasa very briefly but wanted a more alternative route.

Trying the SCD Diet with LDN (LOW DOSE NALTREXONE) and researching every day.

The fullness comes and goes now but I seem to be more constipated maybe due to the SCD Diet, not sure.

I now have more rectal issues with anything that I eat it seem to burn in that area.

It's like I feel the burning (not even going to the bathroom). I also have hemorrhoids due to the birth of my child 18 years ago. I am not always constipated, sometimes I go then it might be a whole day where I feel full and can't go.

My fullness is in the center of my chest and the pain on the left side on my ribs. Sometimes it radiates to the back. GI doc said the scope could not get through due to the narrowing. Anyway we do not have a good doc patient relationship due to the fact everything that I suggest is disregarded and she wants me on PRED PRED PRED and then the other drugs and I said NO.

My question is what I do to help the rectal issues. I have cream (from my MD doc) not GI doc for the outer area. I do not want to go on foams or suppositories if it is PRED because I am assuming those potential side effects will happen whether it is orally or rectally.

Am I correct in thinking that? My theory with the Pred is YES it does help and your body actually relates to it BUT when you wean off your body absolutely objects and starts to flare again. What is the point of that? It is a band aid affect so to me not worth it.

I need advice whether internally or maybe a temporary treatment to heal that area. Thank You

Comments from Inna:

Thank you very much for sharing your story. I get this a lot. Many of my patients are so very unhappy with steroid recommendations.

Just so everyone understands Pred is Prednisone and yes, it's
a steroid.

So many of Crohn's patients have trouble coming off Prednisone because the flare ups re-start almost instantly.

Many of those that were brave enough to stay away are trying more natural healing. And yes, it's not what your doctor would be happy about.

It's really great that you are trying SCD diet and many patients do feel better with low dose naltrexone....but I would need to review much more information to be able to give you individual recommendations here.

For meantime, you should concentrate on getting your body into alkaline state. That means you should increase your intake of greens and drink great quality mineral water, supplement with organic green natural supplements, spirulina, products like raw green foods, etc.

Many things can make your body more alkaline; even your thinking. If you think in a positive way your body actually will respond with better balanced blood pH, neat, right?

Your body is smarter than anyone thinks. And you seem very smart trying to treat it right.

If you think you are developing proctitis you may still have the inflammatory process going on in your system.

My approach would be systematic to first address your adrenal health and then try cooling off that inflammatory process.

Again, your option not to take that doctor's advice is always your option. My responsibility and the law is that I should always say that nothing substitutes your doctor's advice and any medical advice.

Your natural options for gastrointestinal inflammation which includes rectal inflammation would be Cat's Claws, Boswellia, great quality full spectrum digestive enzymes, Milk Thistle, great quality probiotics that will be chosen for you individually, etc.

Since you are on SCD diet you are already avoiding gluten products. And that's great. Now, dairy is allowed on that diet and pasteurized dairy is not on my favorite Crohn's diet food list. I noticed that most Crohn's are very sensitive to dairy especially pasteurized dairy. You may want to try raw cheese products or raw goat's milk products if you are comfortable with that.

You can always contact me for an individual consultation 1-800-557-8039. Or you can go to my Beneficial Products page and look into the product called GI Revive.

Happy and Healthy Holidays to You!

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