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Nov 13, 2009
Diagnosing Crohns.
by: Inna

Thank you so much for your question. Many people have very similar problems. So you did a favor for many of my readers.

It's not easy to diagnose Crohns. It may seem like IBS, ulcerative colitis or Celiac. I was personally misdiagnosed with ulcerative colitis for a short while.

Rectal bleeding could present in most gastro-intestinal diseases.

Loss of weight is classic with Crohns.

Severe pain on the right side just above hip could be Crohns disease but it can also be goalbladder stones or liver problems.

Skin sores arms and legs, pain with bowel movement all can be non-specific to Crohns symptoms.

All these symptoms and inflammation of the small intestine could be Crohns disease symptoms.

You did not mentioned fevers. Fever is a hallmark symptom of Crohns disease.

Normal biopsy is possible in Crohns disease.

It does sounds like Crohn but there's so much more that needs to be looked at.

You can certainly look for a second opinion. But for mean time: watch your diet, detox, take immune system supplements, get enough vitamin D, walk every day for 15-30 minutes and look for a good certified acupuncture therapist. Crohns or not you should feel better if you become proactive. And it does sound like you are doing a great job being proactive.

I hope that I was helpful and you feel much better soon.


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