Diagnosed with Chrons

by Lee
(United Kingdom)

After overcoming fistula surgery I began suffering with severe stomach pains. Over the course of the 3 months I was seen by a few GP's none knowing what was causing my pain.

I have now been diagnosed with chrons disease at the age of 21 and has terminal illiutus. The plan for just now is to figure out if my medication will work with my bowel rather than having to undergo surgery.

My pain is so severe sometimes I am unable to move and have spent various periods of time in and out hospital.

My gastroentologist is amazing, really helpful and answers every question I throw at her. I am still getting my head round having chrons and to what extent I will have once the determine the damage in my ileium.

Hope to hear from many other sufferers in regards to diet because I am struggling to eat anything at present even though I am completely starving due to the steriods.

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