Dating a girl with Crohns

by Isaac

I've been dating a girl for a while and she just recently told me she has Crohns disease.

Her doctor said she has a very mild case.

She hasn't had any flare ups or symptoms since she was first diagnosed which was a year and a half ago when she was 19. She has been on medication since then.

She is 5 feet tall and only 85 pounds. My question is, is it realistic to expect her to stay mostly symptom free as she has been for the past year and a half?

Also, if it does flare up again, is it easily treatable with medication, or should I expect that there will be complications and it will get worse as time goes on?

Comments from Inna:

Thank you Isaac for your question. It’s really sweet that you re so concerned about your girlfriend’s health. You would make a great, true life companion for your girlfriend.

There are absolutely no set rules that would guarantee you that she will be symptom free. Many people have autoimmune or other inflammatory diseases besides Crohn’s. There are silent symptom- free viruses like herpes virus, human papilloma virus and the problems that they cause.

Twenty years ago having these viruses and even having discussions about them was embarrassing, and now it’s the “norm”. Your chances are probably the same with any other girl that she may get some kind of inflammatory disease during her lifetime. Many inflammatory conditions are on the rise now and they start younger and younger.

There are many things that could happen to young patients with Crohn’s disease just like with any other person in the future. With Crohn’s disease patients, there are more chances of flare ups due to stress that end up with stomach cramps, fevers
and other gastro intestinal problems. But you never know what health problems other people have. In most cases Crohn’s disease can be managed if treated.

Crohn’s disease is the condition without known cause. So if you are really concerned and want to help to get to the root cause of the problem you can call my office for an appointment and we could start Functional medicine testing for your girlfriend.

Dating with Crohn’s disease can be more stressful for a patient if their partner makes it seem scarier than it really is. It’s also very uncomfortable for many people to discuss their problems, gastro intestinal symptoms and the fact that they are simply feeling sick.

It takes enough time, enough love and care and a true partner to date a Crohn’s disease patient, especially if Crohn’s disease flares up often.

If someone has enough love for their partner none of this would matter. If your loved one is suffering from any disease you need to be there for them. That’s how it works.

You are concerned if there may be complications with Crohn’s… it’s a possibility. But what if your love for her will miraculously heal her Crohn’s disease. Become a believer and see how your life will unfold for the better.

Your girlfriend’s doctor would probably be able to give you some sort of statistics on chances of relapse because he/she knows your girlfriend’s labs, symptoms and scans.

My answer is general because I don’t have your girlfriend’s information. If you are interested to start natural healing for her I could help with Functional medicine program that works great. 1-800-557-8039

And please, give your girlfriend all the love and caring-- I know you have it in you. I wish you and your girlfriend the greatest health and happiness!

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Feb 01, 2012
by: Joe

There is a girl that goes to my school that I really like. I have been thinking about asking her out for a while and I just asked her to prom on Friday.

I also know that she has Crohns disease. All I know is that she misses school a lot because she is sick and that she is supposed to eat every two hours weather she wants to or not.

This doesn't change how I feel about her so I would like to know more. Like if I ask her to dinner will she be able to eat?

Would it be fun for her or would she be constantly worried about if she is going to get sick?

And anything else that I should know about Crohns disease.

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