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Oct 18, 2011
Reply to CT results
by: Inna

Thank you for this question.

First and most important: you should always speak to your physician about the results of any tests.

When I work with my wellness clients I always request that they see a physician or gastroenterologist along with my Functional medicine coaching.

Now: terminal ilium is the last, distal part of small intestine (most commonly affected by Crohn's).

Diffuse thickening of the intestinal wall is a marker or a classic indicator for inflammatory process. If it's thicker it's inflamed, right? Imagine your arm get injured and it gets swollen?

Submucosal fatty infiltration most likely here means that there were some indigestion issues which is also a classic indicator of inflammatory condition in the gut.

No acute exacerbation usually means no current flare up noted.

Strictures usually mean that the colon is narrower in the certain part of the colon like the terminal ileum for example. This is usually another indicator of inflammatory condition in the gut.

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