Crohns Treatments. Avoid Side Effects.

Crohns Treatments.

Crohns medications are a big part of treatment for Crohns disease. How to stay with Crohns disease treatment and avoid side effects.

Treatment for Crohns disease is mostly concentrated on Crohns medications. That’s if you are a patient of a conventionally trained gastroenterologist.
Most of Crohns disease patients would only see a doctor that practices traditional medicine. Sure, Crohns disease can be very serious and potentially even life-threatening. Who would want to risk going to a alternative medicine doctor? Well, I did. My medications only worked to certain degree and I had many side effects from very potent Crohns medications like Prednisone, 6-MP, etc.

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I tried to combine my treatment for Crohns disease. I was still on traditional Crohns medications when I started my alternative Crohns disease treatment.

Most of alternative therapists would advise to stay with your regular medications and stay with your regular doctor when trying alternative methods.
When the Crohns disease symptoms are moderate to severe, the conventional Crohns disease treatment with Crohns medications would be most effective.

When the symptoms of Crohns disease get to be mild to moderate, it might be your time to start looking at the alternative Crohns disease treatment.

When the symptoms of Crohns disease are mild or you are without symptoms, it’s up to you and your doctor if you want to stop traditional Crohns medications or not. Most gastroenterologists would like Crohns patients to stay on Aminosalycilates even if they are symptom-free to prevent flare-ups. Doing so, the doctor wants to prevent chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation is associated with increased risk of cancer.

I would agree on the fact that chronic inflammation causes problems overtime if untreated. I also think that Crohns patients need to do everything possible to avoid chronic inflammation. But I like to do it more natural way.

I choose to have my Crohns Disease Diet as a part my Crohns treatments. Crohns diet needs to be healing to the digestive system. You may be eating something that your body doesn’t tolerate and not know it and this can cause an autoimmune reaction. Autoimmune reaction is when our own body attacks our own cells “thinking” it’s a foreign substance.
I choose natural supplements as a part of my Crohns treatments. Natural supplements can be anti-inflammatory and can work for chronic inflammation very effectively. For example, Uno-De-Gato is a herbal anti-inflammatory form Peru that looks very promising for inflammation.

I choose relaxations techniques as my Crohns treatments. This improves breathing, oxygenation to the lungs and the ph balance of the blood.

I choose alternative Crohns disease treatment as a part of my Crohns treatments. Acupuncture, massage therapy, physical therapy, chiropractors, nutritional doctors can all be very helpful. I think even aromatherapy can be effective if you put your mind to it.

The point here is to put your mind into the healing process. Get your mind and body in sync and you would notice great results.

But in emergency situations, severe cases of Crohns disease and new onset of severe Crohns disease, conventional medicine is probably your best bet. Until you improve, that is.

Crohns Treatments – Conventional Way:

The first very common category of Crohns treatments is the group of Aminosalicylates. Aminosalicylitaes are anti-inflammatory medications. They have safer side effect profile. Aminosalicylate type of medication can also be as Ulcerative colitis medication. Used for mild to moderate cases.

Then, corticosteroids may be tried. The classic corticosteroid is Prednisone. It’s a very potent medication. It has many scary side effects like the moon face, psychiatric disturbances, etc. Corticosteroids are given for a short period of time.

Then, there’s a category of medications that act as immune system suppressants or immunosuppresants. Since in Crohns disease our immune system is “over-reactive”, these medications can decrease the over-reaction of immune system. But that comes with serious side effects. The ability of our immune system is also suppressed when the viruses or bacteria comes our way. I was catching every kind of flu and virus on Remicaide. You have to be very careful and avoid public places in flu season. That was not possible for me. I work as a pharmacist and most of the prescriptions that I fill during flu season are for the flu. I contact with a many sick patients so it was very difficult for me to stay on these medications. The examples of these Crohns treatments are biological: Humira, Remicaide, Cimzia, Tysabri, etc. The older immunosuppressant is very popular Crohns medication called 6-MP or Mercaptopurine. There are others like Imuran, Cyclosprine, Methotrexate, etc. Methotrexate is often given for Crohns arthritis.

The next category of Crohns treatment is antibiotics. These are given for a shorter period of time than immunosuppressants. They have many side effects and they destroy the normal gut flora. Consider taking probiotics right after your antibiotics or sometimes even during the antibiotic Crohns disease treatment. If you decide to take it during the antibiotic therapy, consider spacing antibiotics and probiotics about 2-3 hours apart to avoid interactions. The classic antibiotic example as Crohns disease treatment is Cipro (ciprofloxacin).

Crohns Surgery is the last resort of Crohns treatments and has a potential for many other problems. During Crohns surgery the affected part of the intestine is be removed leaving as much of healthy intestine as possible. The surgery does not always guarantee a great outcome.

How To Stay With Crohns Treatments And Avoid Side Effects:

  • Find an approachable doctor that makes you comfortable. Many side effects are unreported by patients as per recent statistics. You should be able to tell your doctor anything unusual immediately
  • Read most recent Crohns disease information and Crohns disease research. Subscribe to a solid information source.
  • Read drug information very well, especially about side effects. Most of them are mild and happen only in a very small percent of people, but know all the rare and potentially life-threatening side effects.
  • Take your medications as directed. If you forgot your dose do not double up on the next one, unless your doctor specifies that it’s OK.
  • Be involved when your doctor selects your Crohns treatments. No one knows your body better than you.
  • Use one pharmacy to keep all the records of all your medications in one system. This may prevent potential side effects and drug interactions.
  • Always think positive and have faith. It is proven with studies that positive thinking can improve any health condition.

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I wish you well!

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