Crohns Organic Diet

My friend went from 98 lbs and in a wheelchair to 122 lbs and walking in 3 months after completely changing his diet to organic.

You need to eat the healthiest foods, including:
• raw cheese
• grass/green fed beef
• 100% grass/green fed cultured dairy beverage
• mountain spring water with unsurpassed purity
• infused spring waters for enhanced performance in life
• Organic certified organic dark chocolate with probiotics and 1000mg of omega-3’s

It is very hard to find and get grass-fed beef, and especially raw dairy products.

Thank you for recommending healthy eating options to Crohn's disease patients.

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Oct 11, 2011
Reply to Crohns Organic Diet
by: Inna

Thank you so much for this submission,

I also try to eat mostly organic diet and lately I include lots of raw foods. It makes such a difference and it makes a great difference in the lives of my patients.

That is usually one of my first recommendations to follow organic anti-inflammatory diet with lots of organic greens, organic meats and organic fruits.

Some of my patients have trouble with consuming enough greens so I usually recommend them to be supplemented with PaleoGreens in Lemon/Lime flavorsupplement that has great taste and has a great alkaline effect.

All the best to you!

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