Crohn's, my story

by Kallie
(Chicago, IL)

I was recently diagnosed with Crohns Disease at age 20, however I have been told that I have a very mild case of it.

In the process of being diagnosed the doctor informed me that I have sores from my throat to my colon, and considering my sister was getting married I am sure the stress played a huge role in my diagnosis.

It was 6 months of tests, different medications, and bed rest to finally come to the conclusion that I was suffering from Crohns Disease.

All my life I have dealt with GI issues, my father passed at an early age from colon cancer and following that my sister had her entire colon removed at age 17 due to colon polyps.

Since then my other sister has also been diagnosed with polyposis and she will also soon be having her colon removed.

Since being diagnosed I have been studying homeopathic medicine with my brother.

I have found this to be extremely helpful, and as redundant as it sounds, eating, sleeping and thinking well have really played a huge factor in my remission.

I have only been in remission since the New Year but I am keeping a bright look on the future.

I do not see this as a flaw, a burden, or baggage but only a new thing to live for and to fight for.

I am extremely grateful for my doctor and the concoction of medications that he has finally found to hinder the symptoms.

I am currently seeing him on a monthly basis to keep a close eye on my condition.

All I can say is this is not the end but only the beginning to a better life, as my doctor says, “Your dad died so you kids would not have to, he saved you all.”

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Feb 11, 2011
Reply to Crohn's story
by: Inna

Wow Kallie

I am so grateful for your contribution. You may not realize it but you may actually make a difference in someone's life.

I also appreciate that you share the same outlook on this chronic disease.

Like I always say: "We may have Crohn's disease but Crohn's doesn't have us.

Thank You so much

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