Another Crohns medication was just added to your long list.
You need to know this!

Crohns medication. Best tips to become Crohns disease medication expert.

Choosing Crohns medication for you is your gastroenterologist’s job or is it?

Don’t you have an option as a patient to question it?

You sure have an option to research every step of your Crohns treatment plan.

Then, why don’t you participate in Crohns treatment plan discussions with your doctor? Is that because you know absolutely nothing about medicine? But you know your own body better than any doctor!!

There is so much information available on the internet about Crohns disease medication. You can even find drug information about Crohns disease medication on the web from the same exact source that doctors and pharmacists use. Yes, a lot of it won’t make sense to you, but a lot of it absolutely will make sense (especially the information about the side effects).

You need to be very selective about who you could trust and what is worth a try when reading from the internet and in general. I admit that being a pharmacist makes it easier for me spot “an expert” that is going to give you a lot of “helpful” information while pushing their product. It’s easier to fool a patient who doesn’t know much. But sometimes I am still a patient that lets her feelings, emotions and doubts interfere with a decision making process when choosing what I need. Some “experts” are such great psychologists that even I catch myself thinking “maybe this colitis medication really works?” even though as a pharmacist I subconsciously understand that that is nonsense.

Everyone reacts different to medications (including Crohns medication) and natural supplements.

Some may experience side effects while others don’t. Some patients are improving on a certain drug while others don’t respond to them at all.

So you are the one that needs to be more proactive in choosing your Crohns medication because your body often lets you know. You are the only one that knows how you feel.

If something feels wrong, there’s no shame telling your doctor. Some adverse drug reactions were reported too late and turned fatal.

There is nothing wrong with double and triple checking with your doctor and your pharmacist. We are all human and there’s plenty of room for human error with the luck of help in the healthcare industry. I believe that the first step in getting better is to become more proactive. You need to take control of your own health, treatment protocol and in choosing your Crohns medication. And you need to have faith.

One example that I give to the patients is when I was on a Crohns disease medication called 6-MP that decreased my white blood count to a dangerously low number (this means that immune system is very week) and I was still not improving enough. Who else beside me would question the need of the medication that made me more sick?

Tips To Become Great Crohns Medication Expert As A Patient:

  • Express your concerns to the doctor and try to be heard. It could really make a difference!
  • Be very comfortable with your doctor. It is important on a few levels. Great energy between the patients and the doctor can be also be adding to the healing process. And we sure could use all the healing we can get.
  • Consider second opinions. This can spare you some serious side effects.
  • Find an trusted expert and subscribe to the newsletter to stay on top of the Crohns news.
  • Read labels and drug information. Most of these are written in the language most people understant.

Crohns Disease Medications. This is more detailed Crohns disease medication page/article. In traditional medicine there are a few basic categories of Crohns medication. Learn more about Crohns disease medication step by step pyramid of conventional medication protocol.

These are most commonly used conventional Crohns medications:

  • Mesalamine, the brand names are: Asacol, Lialda, Canasa, Rowasa and Pentasa. Aminosalicylate type of Crohns disease medication. This can also be ulcerative colitis medication. This is an anti-inflammatory Crohns medication.

  • Sulfasalazine, the brand is Azulfidine. Also, Aminosalicylate type of Crohns disease medications, but older drug.

  • Azathioprine, the brand is Imuran. This Crohns disease medication decreases immune system response. Older drug.

  • Prednisone. Steroidal anti-inflammatory Crohns disease medication. Very potent. Lots of side effects.

  • Antibiotic Metronidazole, the brand is Flagyl. This Crohns disease medication is not usually given as maintenance drug.

  • Antibiotic Ciprofloxacin, the brand is Cipro. More commonly prescribed antibiotic. Used as colitis medication. But this antibiotic can cause colitis, too.

  • Budesonide, the brand is Entocort. This is a newer Crohns disease medication and it works locally on the inflammation.

  • 6-MP, the name is mercaptopurine. This is a classic Crohns disease medication. Most Crohns disease patients that had moderate to severe cases took 6-mp at some point.

  • Methotrexate, the brand is Rheumatrex. This is older Crohns medication and not commonly used now. Mostly used for Crohns arthritis.

  • Adalimumab, the brand is Humira. Crohns disease medication that is a biological type. Works to reduce your body's immune reaction that attacks its own cells.

  • Infliximab, the brand is Remicade. Newer Crohns medication that is also a biological.

  • Natalizumab, the brand is Tysabri. This Crohns disease medication is one of the newest biologicals.

  • Certolizumab pegol, the brand is Cimzia. Cimzia is one of the newest biologicals.

  • Rifaximin, the brand is Xifaxan. This colitis medication has an indication for Travelers diarrhea and sometimes used as Crohns treatment for acute diarrhea.

Crohns disease probiotics, click here to learn more. Can probiotics be considered as Crohns disease medication? Do they work?

Alternative Crohns disease treatment:

There are alternative Crohns disease treatments like acupuncture, change in diet, natural supplements, EFT, herbal and homeopathic therapy, etc. Unfortunatelly, Crohns patients are very scared to try them. I understand that since this condition can get very serious. Most patients fear that nothing will work except conventional medications. This is your choice. I know Crohns disease patients that are doing very well on Crohns medications without side effects. And I know Crohns disease patients that love and swear by their holistic treatment for Crohns disease. Love yourself and your own body enough to listen to it. Then, you will make a right decision. You will find Crohns medication that works for you if it's traditional medication or alternative.

If you have been taken an antibiotic long term or just want to restore great balance in your digestive tract, strongly consider taking probiotics. Probiotics can improve digestion, restore normal GI flora, improve immunity, etc.

Consider cleansing your body naturally. It can make a huge difference in your health.

I am a classically-trained pharmacist but a strong believer of other options for treating this autoimmune disease. What I consider a great Crohns disease medication is not necessary a conventional pharmaceutical preparation but sometimes a great natural immune-modulator, natural anti-inflammatory supplement or even homeopathic pain and/or spasm reliever. This is my and only my opinion but it was based on a tremendous experience and lots of learning.

I wish you all great health!

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