Crohns good bye, hello Immunocal

by Angela
(Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)

Hi, My name is Angela. I was a lady with crohns taking 43 capsules of prescription medication which constantly made me sick and tired.

In February of 2008, my mom gave me a box containing 30 little packages of stuff called Immunocal. She told me how to mix it and at the end of the monthI did feel better. I asked my Mom how much it costs and she told me it was $2.50 per day. I made the decision that I couldn't afford this. Mom accepted my decision.

Two days later I was back feeling sick and tired. I was on the phone asking Mom if she had any packages of that Immunocal. I could not believe the positive affect this product had on my wellness and was controlling the pain suffered with crohns.

I have been off prescription medication for two years. I fired my original crohns doctors who was pushing the 43 capsules of prescription medication, had set up injections of another Test Drug that cost the medical system over $3000.00 per injection. He had a new "Test Drug" when the injections had a negative affect. I went on the Immunocal and was feeling great and he insisted the crohns was extremely active even though I was telling him I was feeling great. I told him "You're Fired"

I do have a
new Crohns doctor who is supportive of my choice to take Immunocal. My Family Physician is also supportive of Immunocal.

I take 1 package first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. This $2.40 per day investment in your health is one of the best choices you could make even if you don't have crohns. My sister takes it and she plays Ice hockey for Team Canada Juniors. She says it gives her the extra strength to compete. My Grandmothers take it and they are 104 years and 88 years. Both notice a difference in their energy and clearity of thinking when they take it.
Babies can take it too. No matter what your age, glutathione needs to be manufactured by your body for an ultimate immune system. You can not take glutathione and have the same positive result as having your body manufacture it.

I work in an Early Years Education - Day Care. The other staff are consistantly sick with flu, colds, etc. I do not get sick. I have more energy then the younger staff.

The Immunocal helps our body produce glutathione which is as important as oxygen. Immunocal is Canadian development from McGill University in Montreal. It is Health Canada approved and is in the doctors' medical reference books in the United States, Canada, Germany, Scotland, U.K., and many more.

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Nov 09, 2010
Reply To Crohns Good Bye, Hello Immunocal
by: Inna

Hello Angela,

And thank you for sharing your story. I have a really great opintion about the makers of Immunocal. I am also an official Immunocal consultant.

The only thing I want to add to your great story is that Crohn's disease is multi-factorial caused chronic condition. Immunocal may help many patients, but not all. And maybe not by itself. It's a great product but it would be great to individually look at every patients case and add Immunocal to those that fit the protocol. That's why I believe that patients should be taking natural supplements wisely. These supplements should be hand picked by their natural or holistic practitioner for best possible effect.

If you need a consultation, contact me on the Contact Us page and specify the reason.

If you are interested in purchasing Immunocal, use the same Contact Us page.

Best, Inna

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