Crohns Disease Was Your Diagnosis? Now What?

Free yourself from Crohns symptoms.

Leave Crohns disease pain and inflammation behind.

Crohns disease is a very unpleasant condition to have. I can confirm that from my own experience as a patient.

But as a pharmacist knowing too much about the side effects of the medications puts me in less favorable position than other patients because I get less compliant with the therapy. So too much knowledge is not always great (not in this case at least).

Honestly, I think that many patients are not at panic learning that they have Crohns disease (CD) because they don’t know much about it.

I was so upset when finally diagnosed with CD (previously I was misdiagnosed with Ulcerative colitis, more about it in my story).

Even though I probably had the symptoms all my life I was terrified to hear my diagnosis because in pharmacy school it was made to sound that Crohns was almost as bad as cancer.

I remember thinking “those poor patients must suffer tremendously” and one day I hear “you definitely have Crohns!”. The irony of life…

I think that other patients sometimes get less nervous about receiving this diagnosis because it’s not that common and it’s not that well known.

But the numbers of newly diagnosed Crohn's patients increase every year.

Crohns disease is an autoimmune disorder. This means that the body attacks its own cells thinking their own cells are foreign “invaders”. This causes fever, pain and other inflammatory reactions.

This disease varies from mild to severe.

This disease can have a flare-up (active) stage and remission stage (not active disease stage).

It’s considered as an inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

Another IBD is Ulcerative colitis (UC) that has similar symptoms with Crohns but in most cases UC can be differentiated from it.

What Is Crohns Disease? Click here to learn more. More detailed information about this inflammatory bowel disease.

Crohns Diagnosis. Click here to find out more. All you need to know about diagnosing Crohns disease: labs, tests and scans.

Click here for Dr Crohn, who was a famous gastroenterologist that named this disease. But was he really was the first one to discover it?

Chrons disease or Crohn s Disease are misspelled versions of Crohn's disease. Many people can't find great, reliable information on the net because this disease has a complicated spelling.

Crohns Support is here for you Learn here how to help others with Crohns.

Crohns doesn’t have a cure but that is not surprising because the actual cause is also still unknown.

There are many possible causes that really have to be researched carefully by each newly diagnosed patient because avoiding a possible trigger can possibly help you tremendously with your symptoms (for example try to avoid any kind of sugar for at least a month an that can make you feel much better).

There is more and more information about Crohn disease on the web but it’s so important to be selective with whom you trust. When I was looking for credible information I was lucky to have medical knowledge to be able to identify “fraud” information and products.

I was also lucky to find a licensed medical doctor who practices alternative therapy because this was what I ultimately wanted.

Don’t get me wrong! I believe that traditional medicine is great. It saves lives and it saves Crohns patients from death when having a bad flare up or bleeding.

But I do believe that when you start to get better more natural and holistic approach should be added to the conventional therapy until the medications are decreased to a minimum or zero.

For more information on conventional medications, click Crohns medications.

10 Things To Do To Improve Your Crohns Disease Symptoms:

  • Consider experimenting with your Crohns diet.

  • Consider getting a certified nutritionist to help with your diet (it can pay off big time).

  • Get enough hydration (drink at least 8 glasses of great quality, filtered water).

  • Get some exercise (but try only a few minutes a day in the beginning) and get enough rest (your body overworks itself enough).

  • Try some breathing exercises and relaxation techniques.

  • Get enough vitamin D (some daily sunshine would be great). Check your vitamin D levels!

  • Consider seeing an acupuncturist and take natural supplements for natural detoxification as well as immune system modulators (vitamin C, for example).

  • Take great quality supplements like probiotics to restore good flora and digestive enzymes to improve digestion.

  • Be active and proactive because a positive state of mind and light exercise can improve your mood and well being!

  • Get great quality omega 3 oil into your Crohns diet. Omega 3 oil can reduce inflammation significantly.

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I wish you well and stay free of Crohns disease symptoms!

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