Crohns Disease Treatment.
Does Your Crohns Treatment Work?

Crohns disease treatment.

Know your treatment for Crohns disease well. This will prevent Crohns treatments failure.

Crohns disease treatment is the first thing your doctor will plan for you after diagnosing you with Crohns disease.

How aggressive your Crohns treatment will be would depend on your symptoms at the time.

Most doctors would not spend more than few minutes discussing Crohns disease diet with you. It’s all about Crohns treatments. It’s understandable. Doctors learn medical studies and treat according to them. Most of these serious studies are not about Crohns disease diet effect on a patient. These medical studies are not about natural supplements or acupuncture treatments effects on the patients. They are mostly about the effects of the Crohns Disease Medications on the patients. That may not be because the natural and holistic treatments don’t work. But that is because there are not enough data and studies available for the medical world to see and learn about natural or holistic treatment.

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When I was trying to discuss probiotics benefits with one of my first gastroenterologists, he was not thrilled. He explained that he has not seen studies proving that probiotics work so he won’t recommend it. He needs his studies to prove efficacy, otherwise it’s not effective in his book. He has not seen many studies about positive probiotics effects because there not many of them available. This was close to six years ago. I wonder what this doctor would say now?..

There is more and more information about alternative Crohns disease treatment and holistic approach to Crohns. There are more and more studies that show beneficial effects of probiotics and other natural supplements on Crohns disease patients and other IBD patients as well as patients with IBS and Celiac disease. This makes me very happy. Because that is what I really believe in. I believe that Crohns disease treatment should be a combination of holistic, natural and alternative medicine together with conventional medicine. I am a pharmacist and you would think I would only believe in medications. But I am a Crohns disease patient and I went through so much and now I am so much better. And you should be too.

Colostrum benefits. Learn all about benefits of colostrum for Crohn's disease patients.

I26 HyperImmune Egg Immune 26 is such wonderful solution for chronic inflammation.

The conventional (traditional) medicine based on long studies mostly concentrates on Crohns medications as Crohns disease treatment. Most doctors would recommend B-12 tablets. Sometimes your gastroenterologist would recommend a B-12 vitamin shot once a month. And some doctors can even go out of their way and offer a referral to a chiropractor if you are lucky.

Vitamin B-12 needs a healthy terminal ileum to get absorbed into our system. Terminal ileum is the most affected part of the intestine in Crohns disease. This vitamin is necessary for many functions of our body. Vitamin B-12 is responsible for the functions of the nervous system, prevents anemia and much more.

Some doctors would recommend Calcium supplements as a Crohns disease treatment for patients on Prednisone to prevent osteoporosis. Prednisone is very potent Crohns disease medication and causes osteoporosis very often. And not just in women.

Unfortunately, a lot of doctors would recommend these supplements in tablet forms and would never re-check their levels to see if these supplements were effective. I took vitamin B-12 for months and did not see any improvements in my energy levels. Not until I found my holistic MD who tested me and said that I have very low vitamin B-12 levels. I was shocked but then she reminded me that my intestines could not absorb this vitamin tablet the same way as my intestines could not absorb B-12 from food. I took a great sublingual B-12 and my levels improved the next month.

Sometimes, the doctors would start the patient on nutritional supplementation if the case is pretty severe. When the symptoms are very serious and the patient has a bad flare-up the doctor may consider adding nutritional supplementation through the nasogastric (tube from the nose to the stomach) or parenteral (intravenous) tubes to make it easier on the stomach. This is usually done for a short period of time.

Some iron supplements can be added to Crohns disease treatment plan. Many Crohns patients have vitamin deficiencies and iron deficiency could cause anemia. Taking iron pills can treat anemia for the time you are on this supplement.

The goal in treatment for Crohns disease is to keep the patient in remission (stop the inflammation and prevent flare-ups). Flare-ups are the active stages of the disease with symptoms.

I need to remind you and myself that this chronic inflammatory bowel disease still has no cure for Crohns disease. But I am still so hopeful that there is a Crohns cure and it will find us very soon.

The main part of the treatment for Crohns disease is Crohns medication step-by-step protocol. If one Crohns medication doesn’t work, the doctor tries step two. If the next one fails, he or she will try the next line of medicine. Very often your doctor will use combinations of medications to control your Crohns Colitis symptoms.

Most doctors follow a standard Crohns disease treatment plan. They start with one type of medications if the case is mild or with another type of medication if the case is more severe.

There are few basic categories of medications in Crohns disease treatment plan and I have tried most of them. I have dispensed most of them to Crohns patients and Ulcerative colitis patients and got enough feedback to write a book. Some Ulcerative colitis treatment plans look similar to Crohns disease treatments.

I’ve heard about side effects and allergies. I’ve heard hallucination stories from a patient on Prednisone, rashes stories from a patient on Cipro, vomiting and diarrhea stories from a patient on Flagyl and so much more. But these medications work. They worked for most patients. They did work for me at my most severe state. But my idea and my mission is to never get to the severe, life-threatening stage. And there are different ways to never get there.

Crohns Disease Treatment – Crohns Medications

The first common category of Crohns treatments is the group of Aminosalicylates. These are anti-inflammatory medications with relatively safe side effect profile. Aminosalicylate can also be as Ulcerative colitis medication. Used for mild to moderate cases.

Then, corticosteroids may be tried. The classic one is Prednisone. It’s very potent. It has many side effects. Usually given for a short time.

Then, there’s a category of medications that act as immune system suppressants. Since in Crohns disease our immune system is “over-reactive”, these medications can reduce the immune system’s reaction. But that comes with serious side effects. The ability of our immune system is also suppressed when the viruses or bacteria comes our way. It’s very important to be very careful when taking these medications. The examples of these Crohns treatments are biological like Humira, Remicaide, Cimzia, Tysabri, etc. The older immunosuppressant is very popular Crohns medication called 6-MP or Mercaptopurine. There are others like Imuran, Methotrexate, Cyclosoprine, etc. Methotrexate is often given for Crohns arthritis.

The next category of Crohns treatment is antibiotics. They are given for a short period of time. They have many side effects and they destroy the normal gut flora. Consider taking probiotics right after your antibiotics or sometimes even during the antibiotic Crohns disease treatment. If you decide to take it during the antibiotic therapy, consider spacing antibiotics and probiotics about 2-3 hours apart to avoid interactions. The classic antibiotic examples as Crohns disease treatment are Cipro and Flagyl.

Crohns Treatments. Know how to avoid side effects of Crohns treatments.

One of the newest treatments in Crohns disease research is Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) and alpha-lipoic acid (ALA) used as an alternative Crohns disease treatment. This combination of a drug and a nutritional supplement is looking like a possible future Crohns treatment, hopefully. It seems to work for cancer and autoimmune diseases like Crohns, Ulcerative colitis, Lupus and more. You can look up a respectable study about low dose naltrexone and Crohns disease: Low Dose Naltrexone Study.

Crohns Disease Surgery is usually the last resort and has a potential for many other problems. During surgery the affected part of the intestine would be removed leaving as much of healthy intestine as possible. The surgery does not guarantee a positive outcome.

If you are considering any type of alternative or holistic Crohns treatment, you should definitely look into Functional Medicine.

Most holistic and alternative medicine practitioners include many natural and herbal supplements for gastrointestinal healing. And many traditional gastroenterologists started to incorporate natural supplements into Crohns disease treatment.

GI Microbix. GI Microb-X is a blend of natural, botanical extracts that can kill some harmful pathogens and parasites.

GastroMend HP. This is such a great herbal supplement for someone that tested positive for H-pylori.

Allicillin. This advanced garlic based supplement can enhance your antibiotic therapy or it can be used alone.

FloraMyces. This specially designed probiotic proves to be beneficial for Crohn's disease and that is actually supported by studies.

OmegAvail. This omega supplement can reduce inflammation and also has vitamin D and vitamin K that can be very beneficial for Crohn's disease patients as well as for any digestive disorder patients.

Probiotic Supreme. If you have chronic digestive disease you may want to invest into a great probiotic like this one.

Immunitone Plus. This is the "go to" herbal supplement for your immune system.

Vitamin D Supreme
Everything you need to know about great quality vitamin D for Crohn’s patients as part of Crohns disease treatment.

Vitamin D Emulsion
Many Crohn’s disease patients prefer Vitamin D liquid to capsules or tablets because of absorption issues.

Great natural supplement for inflammation. Many patients feel very fast results.

Vitamin K Benefits. Your health care practitioner should also look into the possibility of vitamin k supplementation, if appropriate for you.

Crohns Disease Treatment-5 Great Tips For Symptom Free Life:

  1. Discuss with your doctor how to minimize your Crohns disease medications to the lowest possible effective dose and eventually discontinue it.
  2. Do your own Crohns disease research to have the most current Crohns disease information.
  3. Consider adding alternative Crohns disease treatment to your conventional medications. This can improve your symptoms tremendously.
  4. Do light exercise, Yoga and breathing techniques.
  5. Get enough rest and drink plenty of water.

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I wish you to stay symptom free and find your perfect Crohns disease treatment!

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