Crohn's Disease Story.

I just want to say Thank you for taking the time to put all of this information together!

I’ve been symptomatic since age 23. I am now 48 and was only recently diagnosed after being hospitalized with sepsis, pneumonia, CHF, kidney infection, edema and acute diverticulitis.

I am waiting to have an endocolonoscopy (12/29) which will hopefully lead to a solid treatment plan for this. Due to other health problems (D-CHF and COPD) my docs will not give cardiac clearence unless my breathing improves significantly. So far this has not happened. We have a very strong history GI problems. I have an aunt who was just diagnosed after a endocolonoscopy with all Crohn’s, Colitis, and diverticulitis. Many of us have just lived with this our entire lives but now we are all going and getting treatment and I am referring everyone to this site.

I am currently on Bentyl, Protonics, and Prednisone to name a few. I notice that when prednisone starts I get some relief (only 5-8 trips to the bathroom daily) but as it tapers off I go right back to being the permanent fixture in the bathroom (15-25 times a day. I’ve been on this 2 times so far. Bentyl so far has helped very little with the pain and cramping. Per my doc the medications I am on will all take time to work. I am willing to wait and hope that this will make a difference.

Thank you so much again for this information I no longer feel alone in this battle!!


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Dec 14, 2010
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by: Inna

Thank you so much for these kind words. I really appreciate these comments and you sharing your story.

It's comments like these make me feel like I am doing this for something.

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