Crohns Disease Story

by Ron

I just today discovered your web site and will try to read much of it in the future. I don't understnad much about computers so I have not done the RSS registration thing. It is all too confusing to me. I will just visit the site regularily. At 67 years old I am just glad I could learn what I have so I could go on-line a little bit .

I have been on Humira for 2 years now for my Crohn's which was diagnosed about 4 years ago--at my then age of 62. I am 67 now. I can no longer afford the Humira as the foundations now say they are quite short of money so I can't gat any help.

My Dr. said he would switch me to Remicade as he "thinks" it is covered under Medicare. Do you know if it is? Do you think switching to Remicade would be ok ? I was considering just stopping the meds totally and trying to live with the disease. I get flare ups occassionaly but mange to handle it at home by going to bed for 24 hours or so while the pain is at it's worst. My Dr. says I get a bowel obstruction that causes this and I quit eating and wait for it to pass. A couple Vicodin helps me thru the pains. Then I am ok again for a few months. Seems like the Humira isn't doing much to keep it in remission anyway.

I suppose the Dr. will say it would be worse without the Humira but I must tell him I just can't afford it, period.

He should understand. I have to pay nearly $700 for each injection and I take one every 2 weeks. My wife has diabetes and so much expense there also with her Actos and 3 other meds. We are broke and do not want to lose our small home and car over this thing. I will just have to be tough I guess.

Anyway, thank you for this wonderful web site. I will read it totally in the days and weeks ahead. God bless you for trying to help others as you are doing. There needs to be more nice and wonderful people like you in the world.

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Mar 08, 2010
Reply To Crohns Disease Story
by: Inna

Dear Ron,

Thank you so much for your kind words. It does mean a lot to me.

I don't know if all Medicare part B cover Remicade but some do. Switching from one biological like Humira to another like Remicade was not a problem for most patients that I know. It's usually the opposite, most patients that could not tolerate Humira, could not tolerate Remicade either.

I had a similar concern when I was on Remicade and on 6MP. It did not give that much relief for me but it caused so many side effects. It was my decision to stop and not really my doctor's. I can't really recommend or advocate this approach but I can tell you that it was a right decision.

Let's think what you can do to improve your health on the budget:

I would suggest you to become gluten free for at least 60 days. I guess that should not hurt your wallet that much. That will most likely make a differnce in a few weeks. It would probabaly benefit your wife, too.

Stay away from any types of sugar, especially sugar substitutes. They could be carcinogenic.

Walk at least 20-30 minutes each day.

Go to bed at 10:30pm the latest. Maybe you can do beginners Yoga. They have it on cable TV.

I wish you to feel much better, Inna

Mar 08, 2010
Remicade. Reply to Crohns Disease Story.
by: simon bruton

Hello from Simon, I am on Remicade and it changed my life . I have changed my diet , no wheat, dairy,. good luck , try remicade, it gave me back my quality of life.

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