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Thinking Natural Crohns Healing?

Think Crohns And Probiotics, But Which Ones?

It all started when I was losing hope taking traditional medications. I started experimenting with natural supplements. First, it was the aloe juice and aloe gel. That didn’t agree with me.

The second thing I tried was probiotics. And that was a big change in the way I looked at all natural supplements. Probiotics actually made a difference. It took a long time until my complete recovery. But that was really the first step for me.

The reason I tried probiotics because I saw some studies on Crohns disease probiotics relationship.

I asked my gastroenterologist for his opinion on using probiotics for Crohns disease he rather got annoyed. He told me if there was any study to prove it he would be recommending it to his patients. And he said there was none. That was about seven years ago. I wish I could just show him a ton of literature now that supports benefits of probiotics for Crohns patients. Probiotics are not just for Crohn’s. They are beneficial for Ulcerative colitis, IBS, Celiac disease and other gastrointestinal diseases.

I personally tried many. And I researched so many studies and companies. Probiotics are truly great. But…not all of them … And not all brands are great.

Why Crohns Disease Probiotics?

Probiotics are very beneficial organisms that should really be present in our body. With the “dead” food we are eating, we are just not getting enough of probiotics into the large intestine. Large intestine needs naturally occurring probiotics to have a healthy immune system and great gastrointestinal health.

When you go to health food stores you would find many brands and many companies promoting probiotics now.

Majority of the brands would have these two common active ingredients: Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacteria bifidium.

Crohns disease probiotics connection?

One of the possible causes of Crohn’s disease that is now being considered is the overuse of antibiotics. It takes a long time to replenish that gut flora after using antibiotics. And most people can’t do it without the help of probiotics. But so many people don’t use them. Why? Because nobody told them to..

The scientists started looking into this phenomenon now. I don’t know if it ever get well researched, but many of my Crohn’s clients started complaining or had their first Crohn’s episodes about one to two months after having antibiotic treatment.

The cause of Crohn’s is still unclear and unknown. It could be the overgrowth of Candida after antibiotic use. Or it could be that the wrong antibiotic was used and the intestinal infection comes back with a vengeance. It can be other things too causing imbalance of the gut flora.

What about the food? Can't we get the probiotics from food? The food we eat doesn’t have enough probiotics. I am not talking about raw food eaters here. That doesn’t apply to you if you mosly eat raw food. But most people in today’s world don’t eat right. I think I could safely say that, right?

Thinking probiotics Crohns? Let’s look at some facts:

Crohns Disease Probiotics Information:

  • Most yogurts on the shelves do not have sufficient amounts of viable bacteria to be therapeutically effective. Also many yogurts have way too much sugar for Crohn’s disease patients.
  • Probiotics help protect the mucosal barrier of the digestive tract and inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria. That is very beneficial for Crohn’s patients.
  • Probiotics are very helpful for Candida overgrowth that is common with yeast infections. Many Crohn’s disease female patients have recurrent yeast infections.
  • Probiotics also help with nutrient absorption. Probiotics can help convert vitamins and minerals for Crohn’s disease patients and other patients with digestive issues.
  • Probiotics are great for immune system health. They have a unique ability to cool down over reactive immune system. So it would make it a perfect supplement for Crohn’s disease as well as for other autoimmune diseases like ulcerative colitis, Celiac and others.

Crohns Disease Probiotics:

Thinking probiotics diarrhea? They can be very helpful for diarrhea. And probiotics can be helpful for constipation. That is because they balance out the flora.

There are many studies to support benefits of probiotics. Just check out PubMed here and type in “crohns probiotics” or “crohns disease probiotics”. Click here to check out studies.

Crohns disease probiotics? Which study?

Now which probiotic was actually studied for Crohn’s disease?

I looked over many studies and I can share from my own experience. I can also let you know from my clients’ experiences that Saccharomyces boulardi is now looking like the first choice probiotic for Crohn’s patients. S.Boulardi is a very different kind of probiotic and it can be used together with other more commonly used probiotics.

Why S.boulardi?

You can look at these studies or other studies on PubMed this study, click here or another study, click here.

Click here to learn more about probiotic benefits.

Crohns Disease Probiotics:

Which company would I choose? Does it really make a difference?

Yes, it makes a difference what quality of the product you use. It’s just like buying good quality food or poor, cheap quality food? You know which one is good for you, don’t you?

I prefer Designs For Health myself and recommend it to my family and all my clients.

This would be the product called FloraMyces with S.Boulardi, click to learn more.

I also had pretty good results with Jarrow Formulas.  The product is called Jarrow Formulas Saccaramyces Boulardi.

Crohns Disease Probiotics:

But you also need to know that if you had a recent antibiotic use or have symptoms of gastrointestinal flora imbalance you may also need Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium type of probiotics with high CFU count to replenish you gut flora.

It is better to take them on empty stomach in the morning. Keep them refrigerated.

You best bet would be Probiotic Supreme by Designs For Health, click here to learn more.
or JarroDophilus plus FOS:

Crohns Disease Probiotics:

There are also professional grade probiotics that can’t be sold over the counter. Please, contact me if you are interested (via this contact form below, just specify the reason for contact).

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Crohns Disease Probiotics:

The key here is to eat more raw foods. This would naturally replenish your gut flora. When that is not possible you supplement with great quality probiotics.

I wish you great health!

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