Crohn's disease is there a Cure?

by Carolyn Bogarty

I just got a call this morning, telling me I don't have Crohn's disease. I recently had hernia surgery; the doctor who did the surgery said he didn't see any evidence of Crohn's disease.

Am I cured just because the doctor didn't see anything?

Comments from Inna:
Hello Carolyn,

First of all, congratulation on your wonderful news. I want to thank you for submitting these news to us.

Its inspiring to know this really happens. It’s really great that other Crohn’s patients can understand that it could be them, too.

Sometimes Crohn’s can be mild and when inflammation heals completely, no scaring left and the labs show no inflammatory process it could be that no evidence of Crohn’s disease is shown.

Sometimes when Crohn’s is misdiagnosed for something else and that inflammation heals there would also be no evidence to show Crohn’s.

No matter what the reason for your great news is; you should rejoice.

I am not surprised because I’ve heard a lot of stories like that. Many of my patients come back with the same news after we complete my individually designed program. It’s great to hear and great to know that it’s possible.

Now, this is also a good time to think that you were given a sign to start paying more attention to your health. Something was going wrong and then your body was able to heal it.

You may want to start appreciating your body for this cure and in return pay your body back with the way you treat your body.

Make sure
you continue with healthy diet, more relaxation, getting enough vitamins and minerals, doing Yoga, staying positive. Something must have happened that improved your health. Stop and think for a moment. What exactly did you do recently that reversed the symptoms and reversed your inflammation?

Did you drink better water? Did you eat more greens? Did you give yourself more time to rest? Did you start going to sleep earlier? Did you start taking some great natural supplements? Did your balance out your hormones with natural bioidenticals? Did you just start seeing an acupuncture specialist or chiropractor? Some of the things maybe helped you?

Many patients that share these stories simply know that they have done something to get there.. But for some of them it’s a surprise, like it is for you. I’m so happy for your great surprise:).

You should of course be thrilled but also cautious. Continue with a healthier lifestyle and healthier mindset. So many of Crohn’s sufferers have lots of negative thoughts that affect their health in a negative way. Medical doctors don’t connect the dots yet between Crohns patient mindset and their health but I always do that with my Crohn’s patients. It’s very important.

One more thing I want to add is that staying “cured” from Crohn’s means almost nothing if you don’t feel as well as you would like to. I would love for you to just add one more sentence for us: “I am cured from Crohn’s, the disease that has no known cause and no known cure, and I am FEELING GREAT!!!!!!!!”

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