Crohns disease from baby on up. part 1.

by Sarita Ruth
(Marion Ohio)


Before I begin my hands hurt when I type or write so my grammer is bad due to trying to get this wrote.

So anyways I was adopted and anything about my family history could not be opened until I reached 21yrs.

When I was born i was 2Lbs 7oz. When my parents were looking at me to adopt me the doctors warned them that there was something wrong with me but they did not know what so I may be mentaly and physically challenged my whole life and thats if I lived, they did not expect me to make it past being a todler.

My parents decided to give me a chance anyways and so they adopted me when I was 2months old.

My mom said when I was a baby that she couldnt get me to eat.

She tried the bottle with milk and then also with juice many times but I wouldnt take it.

She then took me to doctor after doctor trying to find the problemm but they couldnt find a thing so they told her i was just a finnicky eater.

My mom tried to think of food that had calories that was safe for a baby and she thought of butter.

So she fed me that an I willingly and happliy ate it and so she doused babyfood and milk with butter.

She said I wouldnt eat much but I did eat a little at a time. (my hands and arms are starting to cramp up so I will post this and continue tommarow good night all.)

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Feb 12, 2011
Reply to your Crohn's story
by: Inna

Hello Sarita,

I thank you so much for sharing this with us. It takes a lot to be able to do that.

I wish you lots of health.

All the best to you!!!!!

Feb 12, 2011
My wishes go to you
by: Sandy


Our best wishes to you.

We want to send our love to you and we'll pray for you!

Just know this: you'll get better for sure!

Sandy and Josh

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