What Is Your Crohns Disease Diet?

Crohns disease diet guide. Crohns diet plan. Best possible Crohns diet plans.

Did any doctor ever give you an actual Crohns diet list? Did you come out of the office with a "Diet for Crohns disease" plan in your hand. I did not think so.

Most doctors say that you should be able to eat just about anything if your symptoms are controlled (when you are in remission).

Is there a great, “one size fits all” book with Crohns disease diet? Is there a "Diet For Crohns Disease" book that will suit every Crohn's disease patient? I certainly did not find a great one. And I was looking!

Some doctors would recommend staying away from fried or greasy foods. That’s about all you are going to get from most doctors. I honestly don’t know where I would be now if I listened to these “recommendations”.

The right diet is one of the most important parts of the healing process. I have tried so many different diets and I will share with you what worked for me. I am not saying that this will absolutely work for you, but I am sure that you need to definitely experiment with your own personal Crohns disease diet.

I researched so many articles about Crohns disease diet from all over the world and some diets were unique but some were repetitive. I tried to pick out pieces from everywhere and paint the "perfect picture".

My own Crohns disease and diet plan:

The first thing that actually started working was the blood type diet (but it was personalized for me by my holistic doctor). I was not able to have everything from that list, but I could eat some things that were outside of the list. For example, type O blood types are meat eaters. They should have more red meat as compared to type A blood type. Type A should try to limit their meat to turkey and chicken. I was able to eat most meats.

Then, I consulted my acupuncturist and she recommended lots of miso soup and lots of vegetable soups blended with meat and most importantly the latest meal should be at 4pm. This part is not easy, especially if you like to go to sleep late. But she recommends going to bed the latest at 10pm for best possible liver cleansing.

I also consulted with a certified nutritionist who was very helpful with his suggestions about whole grains, sprouted bread and separating protein meals from carbohydrate meals. For example if you are eating meat or fish you can only add salads or vegetables but no grains. And if you eat breads or grains do not add fish, meat or cheese. But this is only recommended to make it easier on your intestines. During flare ups, for example. You can continuw this diet until the symptoms of Crohns disease improve. Then, you may slowly try diet for your own metabolic type.

Then, I tried a gluten free diet and was even considering raw diet.

Crohns Diet. Learn great tips for best possible Crohns diet in this article.

Anti Inflammatory Diet is a great option for Crohns patients, Celiac patients, ulcerative colitis patients and all of these patients that have digestive disorders.

I combined all the recommendations and modified them into my own Crohns disease diet. I figured out what works for me (Crohns diet disease nutrition). It took time but it was worth it.

What do I call a perfect Crohns disease diet?

It’s the food that gives you energy and doesn’t cause the pain later.

It’s the food that gives you nutrition but doesn’t cause gas because gas is not a good sign (it’s a sign of a rotten, bacteria-producing, undigested food).

The perfect Crohns disease diet should be a great nourishment for your body and your taste buds (this is also important for an emotional/psychological well being).

The Crohns disease diet should consist of healing foods like organic chicken soup, grass-fed, no antibiotics meats, organic eggs, organic fruits and vegetables. Water should be at least spring or artesian, but better if it’s filtered with mineral content. Ideally, raw foods should be in your diet with at least 70/30 proportion of which 70% being raw. But try going raw in a very slow, gradual process. You should start with very small amounts and take a lot of digestive enzymes with it. The examples of raw foods are vegetables, fruits, raw nut butters, raw eggs, raw milk and dairy, wheat grass, dry fruits and so much more.

DigestZymes. This would be the first step in getting your digestive health back. These digestive enzymes will help you digest food easier and that should lessen the pain during food absorption and digestion.

Cocommune Bar. This is such a delicious way to get some immune system boost.

Paleo Greens. You need green supplements to help your body get more alkaline.

VegeMeal (formerly PaleoMeal-DF). I was looking for a great tasting, dairy free and soy free protein powder to make shakes for a long time. Then I found this wonderful protein meal without any artificial additives. Great stuff!

PaleoReds. Do you eat enough reds? If not, you need to try this great tasting natural supplements that will give your immune system a great boost.

Tegricell Colostrum. If you are not familiar with the benefits of colostrum yet, you need to read this page. You will find out how Crohn's disease patients as well as other patients with digestive disorders can improve on this supplement.

GI Revive. This product would give you that gastrointestinal support that your gut craves.

Twice Daily Essential Packets. This is such a convenient way to fill in those nutritional gaps that many Crohn's disease patients have.

Metabolic Synergy. This isn't just a multivitamin. This great supplement will help you fight those sugar and carbohydrate cravings. Because we all know that you don't need extra sugar nor extra simple carbohydrates in your diet.

Best Crohns Disease Diet Plan:

  • You should really consider finding a great, certified nutritionist that could help you.

  • For best results try to find out your nutritional or metabolic type. If you eat right for your nutritional type it will help cleanse and heal the body from the inside.

  • If that’s not an option for you, then try small meals, don’t eat late, eat much less of simple carbohydrates, no white flour, avoid sugar at all costs, even limit fruit intake for at least a month to lower sugar intake, drink a lot of water, and limit eating out.

  • Try good quality liquid multivitamins, CoQ10, great immune modulator like vitamin C with Selenium or red mushrooms immune supplements and a good quality detox natural supplement like Zeolite or chealating agent.

  • Digestive enzymes help to break down those difficult to digest proteins or carbs. These enzymes are great helpers for an inflamed colon. I think that digestive enzymes should be tried by anyone with Crohns disease.

  • Probiotics will restore the balance in the GI flora. Patients with Crohns disease can really benefit from probiotics.

  • Drink lots of water and herbal teas. Water should be filtered or at least spring. Good choices for herbal teas are peppermint, dandelion, spearmint or chamommile teas.

Crohns disease diet plan. Get some Crohns diet samples on this page. I wish that this information was available on the internet when I got diagnosed.

You may want to speak to your health care professional about certain vitamin deficiencies like vitamin K deficiency and vitamin D deficiency to discuss the possibility of these vitamins supplementation.

I wish you well!

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