Crohns Disease Diet Plan.

Crohns disease diet plan. Crohns diet. Best Crohns disease and diet strategy.

I am sharing the experience as a Crohn’s disease patient here.

All my long studied knowledge from pharmacy school was not very useful when I searched for healing foods for MYSELF. After many trials and errors, conversations with holistic doctors, consultations with a certified nutritionist and my OWN experience I found what worked for me.

My very strong opinion is that a diet for Crohns disease should be individual. There are many healing foods in Crohns diet. The examples may be organic chicken soup in the winter or raw salads in the summer. Warming, healing foods are soothing in the winter and cooling foods are soothing in the summer. This helps to decrease the inflammatory process.

Your diet for Crohns disease should not be boring. I would like to share some great Crohns disease and diet strategies with you.

If you have the base knowledge about what to eat, you will be able to continue and find your best Crohns disease diet plan:

• You need to find the right type of foods for your particular metabolism. You can be a protein or a carbohydrate metabolizer or a mix of both. You can either figure this out on your own or with the help of a certified nutritionist. Try the diet for your type of metabolism. If that does not work 100% you can try the Crohns diet for a specific blood type. But don’t rely on either one completely. Remember, it’s all very individual.

• You should get energy from food and not get tired after a meal.

• Listen to your body often. It tells you what you need in many instances. Just adjust your Crohns disease diet plan accordingly.

Eat frequently in small portions.

• It’s OK to continue eating the same types of food every day if it’s a healing type of food and it gives you energy. If you are worried about vitamin deficiencies I would suggest a liquid multivitamin to supplement those missing elements.

• Resist your urges for sugar. It may be one of our biggest problems for Crohns diet. It’s funny how many gastroenterology offices offer tea/coffee with donuts or cupcakes after a colonoscopy. That’s probably as bad as selling cigarettes in the pharmacy.

• Try to stay away from alcohol and smoking. It really sets you a few steps backwards in your success with diet for Crohns disease.

• When you are looking for a best possible Crohns disease diet plan you should never forget about drinking enough great quality water (spring or filtered). Even consider a shower filter to filter out the chlorine and other chemicals from the water. Your skin is your biggest organ. It absorbs chemicals from a shower in seconds.

• Chew your food very slowly. This can decrease the GI pain later on.

• Consider detoxifying first. Your healthy food will not get absorbed very well if the intestines are inflamed. Heal from the inside and you will see the difference when you eat healthy.

The best thing is to limit or avoid meat, eggs and fish when you are having moderate or severe flare ups. The proteins in the fish, meat and eggs are often difficult to digest for anyone, especially for Crohn’s disease patients. Wait until you are better and slowly return to eating proteins.

I am sharing the optimal Crohns disease diet plan with you. It worked for me and for other Crohns patients that I know. Please, note that nothing substitutes the advice of your doctor. But unfortunately most doctors won’t have time to spend with you discussing Crohns disease and diet. You should proactively look for other great healing foods that work for you.

I often update my Crohns disease diet plan samples. Please return regularly or subscribe to my e-zine (Crohns disease online newsletter).

It's very, very important to have healthy green smoothies, healthy shakes and green vegetable mixes for Crohn's diet.

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This is a sample of a Crohns Disease Diet Plan:

(Not suitable for gluten sensitive patients, this is low protein diet plan for short term only, until Crohns disease symptoms subside)

  • Breakfast: 1 to 2 slices of Ezekiel bread ( for patients with gluten sensitivities go with Udi's multi-grain gluten free bread) with coconut oil (extra virgin is better tasting without odor) or with almond butter with tea. Brown rice bread would be your choice if you have a gluten allergy b/c Ezekiel bread is not gluten free. Black tea, no sugar.
  • Snack: grapefruit or star fruit. Chamomile tea.
  • Lunch: salad with red leaf lettuce, kirbies, some carrots, avocado, celery, peppers with homemade dressing made of grape seed oil with lemon and Herbamare seasoning.
  • Snack: Raw goat’s milk yogurt. If you cannot find raw, try organic goat’s yogurt. Peppermint tea.
  • Dinner: A large portion of cooked quinoa with small salad. Quinoa is cooked for 15 minutes (5min high, 5 min medium and 5 minutes low heat) and it keeps more nutrients and vitamins this way. You can substitute quinoa for buckwheat, millet or brown rice. About twice a week this can be substituted for organic meat with salad or grilled fish with grilled vegetables.
  • Snack: a few raw nuts with some Tulsi tea.

Now, remember this is my own Crohns disease diet plan for the time of a flare up. This type of Crohns diet makes it easier on the stomach to digest food. Once the symptoms of Crohn disease improve, you can return to the diet for your own metabolic type with more protein (at least 2 to 5 ounces with each meal).

It's very important to use enough protein when you can handle it. Make sure your breakfast includes something like eggs, turkey bacon or fish salad. Breakfast must contain at least 3-4 oz of protein.

General rule of Crohns disease diet plan: The oils I prefer are pure virgin coconut oil, grape seed oil, extra-virgin olive and sunflower.

The salt should be sea salt or Himalyan cooking salt and the seasonings should be organic like Herbamaire.

Try to stay away from sugar or fructose intake completely for at least one month. The only kind of sugar you can add is raw honey in small amounts. Some raw stevia in very small amounts is OK. After at least one to two months of almost no sugar in your Crohns disease diet plan you would be able to gradually add some more honey and fruits.

I really hope this helps. It worked for quite a few Crohns patients.

And don’t forget your probiotics at night and digestive enzymes with those hard to digest foods.

I wish you well with your own Crohns disease diet plan!

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