Crohns Disease and Symptoms

by Annie

Crohns Disease And Symptoms.

I was diagnosed with CD at the age of 27 in 2007.

It had been since my teens that I had been experiencing a number of different ailments, but doctors never found anything wrong. So I gave up.
The summer of 2006, I was having bouts of diarrhea many times daily and finally it got so bad that I was admitted to the hospital. They told me I had colitis and to take prednisone. Well, that was the worst experience of my life. It didn't help, I grew a moustache, I was getting night sweats, couldn't sleep, was so nervous, gained weight. It was horrible; I just couldn't get over the moustache.... I mean at 33 I still don't have hair under my armpits. Plus the bleeding and diarrhea continued. By this time I was green, literally green, and sickly looking, still working full time and taking care of my kids. I was depressed.

By January 2007 I was going to the washroom literally every 20-30 minutes. We thought I’d have to have THE Operation and a stomie, but was saved by the bell by a new treatment (back then in Canada). I am still on this same medication to date in fact. I wish for a day that I will no longer need all three medications but to be honest I'm terrified. The worst part of all this is that although the pain is controlled (in the most part anyway) I still bleed daily with say 4 diarrhea per day. When people look at you they think everything's fine, people who know you and don't know you. You'd think family would understand, but nope.

After all when someone asks you how you're doing they don't really want to hear all that bad stuff like... Hey yep I crapped in my pants on the way to school today, had to turn around, missed classes and
ended up throwing a perfectly good pair of jeans in the garbage. I guess the truth is
I should have learned by now it's my fault I should pack an extra pair of underwear and pants, because every morning, seriously every morning I have to park in the spots closest to the washrooms, and God forbid the spot is taken it's a real gamble. When to take a run for it, in between diarrhea cramps (you know the ones with goose bumps.) I hate it I don't complain really, and when people look at me they think I have it all put together, I don't look like someone that is suffering. I am. I just want to scream.
I decided to go back to school because I lost my position as a sales rep when I was in the hospital I n 2007. I guess I understand. They needed a sales rep, not someone in and out of the hospital.

So here I am 33 back in university to finish a degree I started years ago, in hopes that I will get a secure job that allows for sick days, not being penalized. I just wish I had a real good CD friend to talk to. Someone who just understands it all!!! Anyways thanks for reading:)

Reply by Inna:

It’s really tough to be dealing with Crohns. It’s even tougher to deal with Crohns disease and symptoms at work or at school.

We all understand and we wish you stress free life! If you need my help, I do consultations on the phone or via Skype. I have many, many successful Crohns disease stories with Functional medicine method I practice. If you want to get truly better with a non traditional medical approach, schedule an initial consultation or call 800-557-8039 for a FREE mini consultation. That may be your first day of healing!

All The Best!

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