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I’ve been asked so many times to give my best Crohns disease advice. Yes, I’m a pharmacist and can really understand medications. Yes, I’m a Crohns disease patient and can understand your pain and suffering.

But what really makes me a Crohns disease expert?

Would it be the fact that I am practicing Functional medicine now? Functional medicine is a more holistic healing method.

You know, I went through everything that most Crohn's disease patients went through. Pain, fevers, diarrhea.. I was very uncomfortable with my own body.

After I went through clinical training on Functional Medicine I got so excited. Now, I can help more people.. Horay! Even though there are still so many sceptics out there I am completely confident that more and more will realize that they would greatly benefit from natural methods.

As a more holistic practitioner am I a Crohns disease expert? I think so! Just ask how many of my readers chose me as their health and wellness coach. I am grateful to all my readers and my clients who trusted me and worked very hard to improve their health. And it worked. My clients are recommending my services to their friends and more and more people are feeling better.

Of course, being able to practice Functional medicine opened up a bigger opportunity for me to help Crohns sufferers.

My clinical Functional medicine training taught me to REALLY help chronic patients like you.

I combine my knowledge, experience and care for ALL my wellness clients.

So many patients contacted me to find out what would be a best Crohns colitis treatment options for them. Do you need help with your Crohns colitis symptoms?

What would be better Crohns treatment options? Crohn's medications or more natural methods?

Crohns Disease Advice

  • Please, change your diet. That would be the first and VERY important Crohns disease advice. Great Crohns disease diet should consist of organic, fresh vegetables, some fruits, lots of healthy proteins, healthy organic oils and very little starchy grains (better if gluten free).
  • Another Crohns disease advice: If you’ve been “bad” and had something that was not supposed to have, take digestive enzymes avoid the inflammatory response that could happen when you have many undigested food particles in your gut. A good choice here would be Allergzymes. Also, take regular digestive enzymes when your eat those difficult to digest foods like proteins.
  • You would need to start by selecting a great probiotic. Crohns disease advice:

    Look for a reputable company like Designs For Health for example. Probiotics now have numerous studies on beneficial effects for digestive diseases. One particular probiotic strain Saccharomyces boulardi shows benefits for Crohns disease according to many studies. A Great Saccharamyces boulardi probiotic would be Floramyces.

  • You best sleep is from 10pm to 6am. Right sleep habits can make a big difference to your health.
  • Crohns disease advice: Try getting into Yoga. Try doing breathing exercises and meditation. You need to find some kind of relaxation method to unwine. And it should not be a glass of wine:).
  • Crohn's disease advice: Invest into a good acupuncture practitioner. This may be a short term solution to your chronic problem.
  • Crohn's disease advice: Make sure you are not constipated. Learn ways to prevent constipation. That is a problem for many chronic patients.
  • Consider going to a real holistic dentist to check if you have mercury fillings. I personally removed them but that’s not supported by studies yet. But there are plenty of materials that support the fact that mercury leaching is associated with Crohn’s and other autoimmune diseases.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of supplements especially if these supplements were selected for you by a professional who selected them according to the lab analysis. The program that I follow uses the amazing labs to figure out your root cause of the symptoms. This method is indispensable in selecting the right supplement for you individually, like I do for my clients.

Crohns colitis symptoms include diarrhea, joint pain, and most of all abdominal pain. It’s not easy to be a patient in pain; It’s even harder to be a believer when you have daily Crohns desease pain.

But you need to believe that you will get better. That is such an important healing step. Don’t get discouraged by your doctor who uses fear as a method to treat you. Look for a medical doctor that has some compassion. That’s what makes a great healer.

My best Crohns disease advice would be to set your body and your mind in a healthy mode. And you have to REALLY, REALLY want to get better. Not easy, I know. But try this exercise every morning: When you wake up, say this in a very convincing way (eight times); ”I am healthy” “The Warm, Sunny, Healthy Energy Is Flowing through My Entire Body” It’s not hard and it doesn’t cost anything.

Crohns Disease Advice:

I can help many Crohns colitis disease patients. It’s pretty simple and cost effective to follow the method that I use. For more information on Functional medicine method click Here.

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