Crohns Disease Activity and Healing Options: Life changing?

by Jeanette
(Staffordshire, England)

Hi, I'm Jeanette and I'm 43 now. I was diagnosed with Crohns back in July 2011 so am pretty new to all this.

My meds are Asacol 6 tabs a day and azathioprine 3 tabs a day. I changed my diet to home cooking fresh and natural food had to reduce stress in my life and thankfully have a very caring, patient and understanding partner.

I avoid red meat; hardly drink alcohol and try and chillax when possible. I will not let this thing run my life, why should I? Millions of people suffer worse than me so I just eat healthily, take the tablets and get on with it. I found that eating Herrings twice a week helped (as it's on the calcium intake list), however have recently gone off them so I am starting to experience joint aches and feeling tired all the time. Can anyone recommend anything natural to take instead of this? Vitamin based I mean.

Well that's my story and must admit I am glad I have found a forum where us Crohnies can chat and share experiences. Take care all :-)

Comments from Inna:

Crohns Disease Activity and Healing Options:

Thank you Jeanette for your submission. It’s always so wonderful to find likeminded people. It’s so important to keep positive and hopeful to continue healing.

If you looked through my site you probably noticed that I recommend lots of natural options for Crohns disease besides traditional; Crohns treatment.

It’s always best to work with one natural health practitioner who will be able to follow your supplements, make sure they don’t interact or interfere with your traditional therapy. It’s also extremely important to make sure your body meets
all the nutritional needs. And I mean it. Every patient is different. And every Crohns patient is different. Getting all the nutrition right is so important. I take time to come up with my patient’s nutritional plan and their supplements and it makes such a difference.

I also recommend supplements according to the results of the labs (my patients take home lab test kits). Everything I recommend is analysis based and lab based. That’s why it works.
When it comes to Crohns healing I recommend individualized approach even with holistic methods since the root cause of the problem can be different for different Crohns patients.

It’s always beneficial for Crohns disease patients to take probiotics with live cultures. With probiotics, it’s all about survival. Probiotic organisms must survive three critical barriers to be of benefit to the consumer - the manufacturing process, time on the shelf, and most importantly the transit through the acidic environment of the stomach. Probiotic Synergy is formulated to handle all of the above, presented in moisture-resistant BIO-tract Probiospheres® that enhance stability and the ultimate delivery of probiotic organisms to the intestinal tract. This results in high levels of protected bacteria optimally released throughout the entire digestive tract.

It’s also important to add another, very different type of probiotic that was even studied for Crohns called Floramyces . Benefits of this probiotic may include:
Broader bioactivity
Enhanced resistance to pathogens
Increased protection of the digestive mucosa
And best of all…this freeze dried format does not require refrigeration.

This a general supplement which may promote optimal gastrointestinal health. Floramyces, unlike other Saccharomyces boulardii products, is dairy and lactose free.

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