Crohn's diet

Bit over it all really, I’m 52 yo female, I have been diagnosed for 2 years; take Colazide all day every day.

I have a problem with gluten, dairy, constipation and am tired. HELP I just got over whooping cough for 4 months and would like to get some info on supplements; I have read that calcium and iron make you constipation.

I am also anemic, to the point that I have had an infusion and have to have blood test every few months; my iron level is dropping again. I would like to try the blood type diet for. BUT most of all just some good all round advice.

Regards Helen

Comments from Inna:

Thank you Helen for sharing your story. I realize how difficult this is for you. Since you had the whooping cough your immune system must be really down and your body is begging for immune system support.

This immune system support can be a great combination of really good quality natural supplements, change in diet, adrenal support, vitamin support (only those that you need, we do that with home test kits, amazing lab) and other immune support options.

We can start a great, individualized program for you according to the results of saliva, stool and urine tests that I will send you (to be done at home and then you will send them out to the state of the art laboratory that I trust).

Also, when it comes to iron; a great supplement from a quality supplier can make a world of a difference. The company that I mostly
deal with makes an iron supplement that doesn't cause constipation because of the salt form, and most importantly it works much better than conventional iron supplements.

You feel it working the same day because it actually gets absorbed into your system. You will feel stronger, because being anemic causes you to become very week.
Staying gluten free is very important, especially if you are sensitive to gluten. The same goes for dairy foods; just stay away from dairy. Some of my patients that can’t have most of the dairy do well with raw goat’s cheese, raw goat’s feta and sheep’s milk products. Not all of them though. Many patients with gastrointestinal diseases can’t tolerate any milk products.
As far as substituting dairy for Calcium supplements it has to be done right in order not to get constipated. You need the right ratio of Calcium to Magnesium with the right salt. So the best to do is to check that urine test which I mentioned earlier.
What you also need to do is to take a right probiotic. I assume you took antibiotics for a while. Your gut flora needs replenishments. You have to go with good quality broad spectrum probiotic and also consider taking S.boulardi strain.

As always, to order supplements all you need is to go the Contact Us page and leave your info.

And to make an appointment with me you would need to call my office for an appointment. We can Skype or talk on the phone. You will notice great results.


I wish you great health and happy holidays!!!

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