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Crohns Diet. Crohns Disease And Diet Solutions. Great Tips For Crohns Disease Diet. Is it easy to find what types of food work for your Crohns? Then, you are at the right place.

Many patients have trouble finding their optimal diet for Crohns disease. It’s not easy to find Crohns diet that works. Sometimes diet plan that works for one patient doesn’t work for another. I am a pharmacist and all my pharmaceutical knowledge did not help when I was figuring out what food will work for me.

I studied many types of healing methods (traditional and alternative). It took me years of trial and error and tons of money paid to nutritionists, consultants and holistic practitioners to figure out what to eat. And then I found the healing methods of Functional Medicine. Now that I practice Functional Medicine it’s much easier to help my clients to figure out what to eat and find their individualized diet for Crohns disease.

I am discussing here basic rules for successful Crohns diet plan for most of you that would read this page. I am still taking new clients for my private practice and consult them on the phone.

Crohns diet.

5 Basic Rules of Crohns diet for patients with mild symptoms or on remission:

  1. Crohns diet: Eat smaller meals but more frequently.
  2. Crohns diet: Eat moderate amounts of protein: 2 to 5 ounces with each meal (breakfast, lunch and dinner).
  3. Diet for Crohns disease: Eat more salads (salads aid digestion, because they have natural enzymes) and vegetables (raw, steamed or sautéed)
  4. Diet for Crohns: Try to rotate your food. Don’t eat the same food every day. This will help to avoid developing allergies to the food that you tolerate well.
  5. Diet for Crohns disease: Stay away from grains as much as possible. If you have to have it, try quinoa, buckwheat or brown rice as better choices.

I always said that anyone with digestive diseases can’t have "one fits all" diet. If you have severe Crohns disease symptoms, your diet should be very personalized.

Food is supposed to give you strength. Food is there to keep your mind clear. Food is there as our basic necessity, but don’t overindulge yourself. Learn to have a proper relationship with food. If you suspect any type of food addiction, seek help. Seriously. If you really need and crave that piece of cake or that slice of pizza may be there’s more to that carving. Your body would be happier with just basic foods like lean protein, healthy oils and fresh organic vegetables.

If you have Crohns disease or other digestive disorder and really want to get better, you should know that you can improve with diet. Even if your doctor told you that he can’t suggest any types of diet to help. My doctor told me that I should be able to eat whatever I want. How I disagree with that statement right now. Most patients would be so happy to hear that from a doctor. “Oh, I can eat whatever I want. All I have to do is to take those medications.” Well, that’s your choice. First of all, those medications cause serious side effects. Also, many foods that you will continue eating may cause further inflammation and worsening of your condition, while the medication you take would mask many symptoms of worsening until it would get seriously bad. So I take a different route and I suggest most patients with digestive disease to start eating healing diet.

Crohns Disease And Diet

Healthy suggestions. Healthier substitutions.

  • Stay away from gluten at least for 60 days. This is a general rule for everyone that wants to start healing their gut. Gluten causes inflammation in most patients with digestive disorders. Many gluten sensitivity tests are not 100 % reliable. I did not test for gluten sensitivity at my gastroenterologist’s office but I do have gluten intolerance.
  • Avoid eating soy. That includes soy milk, soy lecithin and miso. Many patients are allergic to soy and don’t know it.
  • Avoid eating eggplants, tomatoes and potatoes. These are considered inflammatory foods.
  • Limit consumption of eggs to 4 to 5 times weekly. Make sure you buy free range, no antibiotics added, organic chicken eggs.
  • Buy organic nuts. You can eat these in small quantities as a snack between meals.
  • Buy only good quality salts like Celtic sea salt. Add organic salt and herb mixes like Herbamaire to your Crohns diet.
  • If you have to have dairy, it is best if its raw dairy. If you have to have cheese, have goat's or sheep's milk cheese.
  • Have your fish and chicken steamed, poached or baked, not fried.
  • Eat more green vegetables like kale, Swiss chard, spinach and bok choy. Greens would normalize your body’s pH and make it alkaline. When the body is alkaline it resists illnesses.
  • Add more sweet potatoes, carrots and squashes to your Crohns diet.
  • Avoid too many fruits. Too much sugar. Avoid eating bananas, dried fruits and grapes.
  • A healthy snack would consist of about 8 almonds or walnuts. Another idea of a Crohns disease diet snack could be a piece of raw cheese.
  • Beans and lentils are great sources of protein. Start trying them in small amount with digestive enzymes. You would be able to increase the amount later. Soups in general are great choices for Crohns disease diet. Lentil soup is a great example of nice protein and carbohydrate meal.
  • One secret to reduce sugar cravings is to make sure you add oil into each meal and rotate the oils. For example use extra virgin coconut oil in the morning, extra virgin olive oil in a salad for lunch and unrefined sesame oil in sautéed vegetables in the evening meal.
  • No caffeine, please. If you have to have that tea, have green tea or black tea, but limit this consumption.
  • Stay away from artificial sweeteners, or artificial anything.

I hope you stay healthy and happy with your Crohns diet.

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