Crohns diagnosis, SCARED OUT OF MY MIND!

by Adren W

So I'm a 29 year old male just diagnosed with what the GI doctor called "the mildest form of Crohns one could have".

Nevertheless I am scared out of my mind, mostly after being told I have an autoimmune disease that will require time to take meds the rest of my life and at one point I'll probably have to have the affected 4 inch section of my colon removed!

I know this may be viewed as minor compared to what I've read about flares and the like but I scared and tired of freaking out.

Should I start the Lialda for such a mild case?

Is there an alt for Lialda b/c my insurance has a high deductable?

Just anything will help please.

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Feb 07, 2011
Reply to Crohns Diagnosis
by: Inna

Hello Adren,

Thank you so much for sharing your feelings with us.

Please, know that there are alternative methods to heal chronic diseases.

If your Crohn's disease has only mild symptoms maybe it's your body's early signal to let you know that something is wrong.

And you should do something about it.

You should change something about the way you eat, sleep or rest.

Your body is brilliant. It sends messages, just listen to them.

Did you go to an unusual place before your first symptoms appeared?

Did your doctor check for different infections?

Please, know that we are all here for you. Don't worry, you can get absolutely better.

I can help you. Please, read my Functional Medicine page and consider natural healing. It may be most cost effective for you.

Yes, there are alternatives for Lialda. That would be Asacol and Pentasa.

You can read more about these medications on aCrohn's Medications Page .

I wish you great health!

Feb 10, 2011
Low-carb, grain-free diet
by: Anonymous


Consider a grain-free, low-carb diet. Read "Breaking the Vicious Cycle" by Elaine Gottschall, and then "Life Without Bread" by Lutz. Take out the grains, take out the starches (potatoes and other starchy vegetables), and concentrate on eating fat and protein.

Good luck to you.

Feb 11, 2011
Lialda Perscription Card
by: Kallie

I was also diagnosed with a very mild case of Crohns, I am currently taking Lialda and have been very happy with the results. It is 2 pills every morning and it keeps you from the daily symptoms of Crohns.

Going on about you insurance policy, I found a website it is,, if you qualify which I am sure you will not have an issue doing you will receive a prescription card in the mail that will not allow you to pay more than $10.00 a prescription. This membership is completely free and is a separate entity from your regular insurance provider. With filling the prescription for myself, I am well aware of how expensive it is.

My doctor also has me on a combination of anti-inflammatories and muscle relaxers. I cannot accurately say that the Lialda was what helped me the most, but with the combination of medication, eating right, and sleeping right I have been able to better control my episodes.

Hope this helps

Feb 11, 2011
Comment to the Crohn's advice
by: Inna


I want to thank you again for such great information.

This could be useful for many of our readers.

Mar 20, 2011
Not alone
by: Anna


I want you to know you are not alone. I am 26 and have Crohn's most surely all my life.

It was finally diagnosed in 93-94. Before then I suffered. My mom took me to every doctor she could..many of them, sadly, brushing us off saying I had a stomach ache and was a whiny child.

It is true that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. I'm not saying that to upset you more.

I say that because we have inner strength, in our gut, that we can use. Even at it's most painful.

Because in between the excruciating cramps we see life. Really value it! Ok. That's enough of my drama. I won't go on about all the testing I went through..all the meds. I have a severe case. Doctors didn't expect I'd make through high school without a colon resection. I did. And high school was great.

I found your post today because I too am having insurance difficulties. My Humira was denied. I urge you to do whatever it takes to get your meds! Take the lialda! You won't see a huge difference but down the road it will make all the difference. Be fastidious. Read everything you can on diets and exercise. Oh and drink lots of water. Flush out those toxins.

I'm playing a waiting game with the insurance company. I'm so scared. I'm in pain again and this drug works for me. I said goodbye to prednisone (after 6yrs) this year!

All that to say, take your meds...don't be scared because there are quite a few of us out here who feel like you do. It's scary and new with every flare. At least it is for me...I've never gotten used to it. There is also hope!! Lots of it!

Stay happy!!
Best wishes!!

Jun 19, 2013
I'm with ya :)
by: Betsy

The part of your post that really got to me was when the doc told you that your Chron's was the most mild case one could possibly have (or however that bullshit was worded). I have to tell you , I think there is NOTHING more dismissive than to be told something like this. It's almost like they are saying "Well, OK, fine, there's something wrong with you, but others have it a lot worse". I was told almost the same thing and it was really demoralizing. Hang in there, your pain in real, this disease takes it's toll on all of us in different ways. You're doing great :)

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