Crohns Colitis.
Free Yourself From Crohns Colitis Symptoms.

Crohns Colitis. Do U Have Colitis Symptoms? Learn Here How To Get Symptom Free.

Let’s just first figure out What Is Crohns Disease? And What Is Colitis?

Crohn s disease is a chronic inflammatory condition of the digestive system, the intestines in particular.

Colitis is a swelling or inflammation of the large intestine (colon).

Crohns colitis (accounts for about 20% of Crohns cases) is one of the three most common types of Crohn’s disease. The other two are Crohns Ileitis (mostly affects the ileum) and Ileocolitis (affects both: the ileum and large intestine).

It is possible to mistake Crohns colitis for ulcerative colitis because the symptoms and the classic presentations are very similar.

Crohns Colitis Symptoms :

  • Abdominal Pain (may be long lasting or the pain may go and come back).
  • Bloating (Gas Pain Like Feeling).
  • Blood In Stool.
  • Fever And/Or Body Chills.
  • Diarrhea.
  • Constant Urge To Have A Bowel Movement.
  • Intestinal Gas.
  • Dehydration.
  • Malabsorption.

Many patients that present with Crohns Colitis symptoms often have what is called the Leaky Gut Syndrome.

Crohn s disease cause is unknown at this time. It has been unknown for the past 70 years since Dr. Crohn named this disease.

I am more of a proactive kind of a person so I was always trying to read more and more information about Crohns causes. Although I did not find the known cause for Crohns I did in fact found Functional Medicine for myself.

I was more skeptical in the beginning learning about alternative ways of healing since I am a pharmacist that was trained the conventional way. I was so amazed with the great results and how many Crohns patients can actually get better with the lab-based protocols of functional Medicine. That’s why I became a Functional Medicine Practitioner to help other people because I know what it is like to suffer from Crohns Colitis and I am skilled to help.

More and more people suffer from Crohns colitis disease. Why? The environment is changing and we are bombarded with all these toxins that the liver cannot detox out.

The levels of stress are probably at the highest nowadays. And we are not about to slow down. We don’t give a chance for our system to heal itself and then we get sick. And even then we don’t try going the natural way. We want quick fixes, pills, fast treatments NOW to fix the problem NOW because we need to go back to work tomorrow an be able to function at work.

And I know all this for a fact because I am a Crohns patient and because I see many patients like myself in the pharmacy filling their prescriptions.

And what now? Now, we continue the lifestyle, we continue to eat wrong foods and we continue to eat it the wrong way, too. We fully depend on the medication to do the job. Does it work? Well, it works for many. Didn’t work for me though.

I was sick from traditional Crohn’s medications and was not feeling tremendously better. I HAD to look for other methods. And I found it. If you are happy with your traditional Crohns treatment, great!

Functional Medicine is more for people that REALLY want to heal their gut. This kind of healing approach can help a Crohns patient to feel better with the right diet, life style modifications and appropriate natural and dietary supplement custom picked just for you. You can contact me for a phone consultation. Functional Medicine is designed for chronic disease healing. Take this opportunity and get better faster, the natural way.

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The traditional treatment for Crohns disease includes medications and sometimes surgery. Certain doctors sometimes recommend physical therapy for Crohns disease patients. In very rare cases traditional doctors would recommend acupuncture as an addition. But that’s about all.

But you should know that there’s so much more that we can do to heal our digestive system. There’s so much more that we can do for Crohn s disease.

5 Great Tips For Crohns Colitis:

  • Start moving. Start with a very light exercise, if you can. Movement is life.
  • Start eating healthy. Follow anti-inflammatory diet as your Crohns Disease Diet.
  • Get water filters. Drink only clean water, filtered or spring. This will spare your liver from difficult job of detoxing metals.
  • Get enough sleep! This is one of your most important prescriptions to follow: Go to bed at 10pm. The best rest is 10pm to 6am.
  • Invest into an experienced health expert for your condition, Crohn's disease or any other health condition that you have. This could be a doctor of Chiropracy or Functional Medicine Practitioner that will custom select your nutritional and dietary supplements and will help you heal the holistic way.
  • I wish you great health.

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