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Aug 09, 2011
Reply to Crohn's and Insurance
by: Inna

Hello Grace,

Thank you so much for this question.

More and more Crohn's patients write to me about having issues with insurances.

One thing, some contact pharmaceutical companies directly and were able to get their Crohn's medications at a huge discount.

Some pharmaceutical companies offer coupons for Crohn's medications.

There are even insurance companies that offer help for Crohn's patients that need infusions.

I know that insurance makes a big deal about Crohn's. It's considered a higher risk diagnosis.
It's ridiculous to separate diseases into different categories. When a person is sick they need help not excuses.

Unfortunately we have to deal with this reality and move on. Many Crohn's patients from Canada told me that they have even worse situation with their healthcare system.

I am very upset every time I get this kind of story. But on the other hand maybe this is the sign for you to consider incorporate natural options for Crohn's disease.

If you need to speak to me about Functional medicine approach to Crohn's please call my office at 1-800-557-8039 to set an appointment with me. We can get your health back on track.

I wish you great health!

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