Crohns and all other intestinal ailments

by William

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The Real Reason Why You Have Crohn's In A Capitalistic Society And How To Rid Yourself of It
Let's make this quick and painless, since we've all had enough pain.
When a toddler runs around in diapers, how do they poo? They squat down, while standing on their feet! We eventually, through all the crying and refusing, force them to sit down on the potty and poo.
Okay. Are you aware that when you sit down and poo, you crimp your exit canal? You can never completely empty out your colon if your exit canal is crimped! Eventually the area around where you do your daily "crimping" of your exit canal, becomes encrusted and sore, the ultimate result being cancerous cell mutation.
Also, when you sit and poo, you strain and use your rectal muscles to move out the excrement. Your rectal muscles are actually only supposed to be used to close your rectum and protect it, not push things out.
So, if you squat when you poo, your thighs push against the sides of your abdomen and create a natural compression to force out the poo. Complete emptying happens every time with squatting. After you have been squatting, you may have some times where it is necessary to sit again (on a plane), and you will notice the difference BIG TIME!

Why didn't your gastro doctor inform you of this?

1. You WILL be cured and he WILL never see you and your money again.
2. You are too overweight to squat
3. You are too old to squat
4. You have a handicap
I know a person can work every day on adapting their body to this position if they try. Go slow and stretch a little every day until you can do it.

I did this in May 2009 at age 38. I was feeling great after two weeks and cured completely in less than two months. I eat anything I want now, although healthier mostly, but I eat ANYTHING. You do have to make sure you eat a daily supply of folate for excellent bowel movements, not fiber! Fiber is for sitters that are all stopped up!
So if you think squatting is embarrassing, you can thank the late Queen Victoria of England's 17th century. She was a size 44 and she couldn't squat because she was obese, so she had a throne built. No one was to speak of defecation anymore, because of the queen's personally jaded views on the topic.
Eastern and Middle East societies remain Crohns-free due to the squat toilets they use and their denial of Western sit toilets.

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Oct 16, 2011
Reply to Crohns options
by: Inna

Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

I think trying squatting is certainly an option for Crohn's disease patients. It can improve gastrointestinal peristalsis.

But I always try to explain to my patients that most natural treatments as well as other treatment should all be looked at as each individual case. No "one size fits all" natural program for Crohn's will bring results in most cases.

Dec 11, 2012
18 year old just dignosed with crohns
by: Anonymous

Do you really think this will help my son? By squatting, do you mean just above the toilet, with your buttox off the toilet seat?

Oct 24, 2017

by: Inna

Surely worth to try

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