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Jan 03, 2010
Reply To Crohns Acting Up
by: Inna

Hello Mindy,

It sounds that your flare up was triggered by enormous stress in your life.

First thing is to make sure that you have some kind of an outlet, like meditation, prayer, social newtworking or other methods of support system. It's a must. Do not be embarrased to ask for help with your kids. You need it. Also, you may consider taking a natural supplement for calming for a short term, something like a Valerian root extract, Kava Kava or ValerianaHEEL.

I hope that you are taking Calcium with vitamin D supplements since you are on Prednosone. A must.

Miralax is Ok, I would probably go with organic Psyllium better. Don't forget lots of water with it.

Second thing would be looking at your diet. I have not seen your labs nor your medical history so my suggestions are general but you can still consider them.

The diet you have mentioned is classically recommended by traditional doctors. I don't always agree. I would suggest trying to stay gluten free for AT LEAST 60 days, no wheat, no white bread, etc. No white rice, brown is much healthier. Also, nothing from the can.

Encorporate more and more raw foods into your diet. Freshly squeezed green juices are great. It's a lot of work for now, but once you get much better you will realize that it was worth it.

Did you try liquid multivitamins? They can give a little boost.

I hope that you are taking great probiotics or at least getting them from your diet.

I think the reason that you are always hungry is because you don't mix your carbs, proteins and oils right. Try to eat three meals a day. EACH meal should have equal amount of good carbohydrate with same amount of protein AND added spoonful of good oil. The example of good carb would be grilled veggies or raw salad. The example of good protein source would be grilled organic chicken or grilled wild caught fish. The example for great oil source would be extra virgin coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil or unrefined sesame oil, etc. You may get some improvement just by changing the way you eat.

Also, every night when you go to bed convince yourself that you are doing better and better every day.

All the natural products and supplements you can find on my Healing Center page.

I hope this will help you, and I wish you to stay healthy and happy! May this New Year bring you only joy!

Sincerely, Inna

Jan 06, 2010
Trying To Help - Crohns Acting Up
by: Ben


I have had Crohns for 3 and a half years (diagnosed) and have only recently got it under control. I'm on the sister drug to Humira, called Infliximab (Remicade). Im on my 5th infusion and generally feel pretty good.

I have noticed that when I flare up, milk and dairy cause me to have problems, so I go Lacto free for a month. Then when I'm "healthy" again, I can start introducing the dairy back into my diet. This seems to really help.

Infliximab has also affected my "good bacteria" and now makes my gut very noisey and rumbly. I found drinking peppermint tea or Lemon and Ginger tea really helps suppress this.

The advice given earlier about finding some way of channeling you stress sounds good. Taking 5 minutes out of every hour or 2 just to sit and relax and empty your mind, will really help keep your stress lower.

Hope this helps. Its nothing technical, its just what works for me.

If you want to read about my story with Crohns then I have a blog "". Again, nothing technical, just my experiences.

Keep on fighting, it shouldnt define who we are.


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