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There’s so much information about Crohn s disease on the internet. There’re tons of literature written about Crohns treatments and Crohns medications. I know about conventional Crohns treatments and Crohns medications as a pharmacist and Crohns patient. And often I get to laugh reading some of these articles. But sometimes I get pretty upset...

There are many possible causes of Crohn's disease. But nothing is confirmed. If you asked me, the cause of Crohn's disease is a multi-factorial for most cases. And it has to be looked at as a multi-factorial problem. Another words, it has to be looked at from different angles. And it has to be looked at from the very beginning when the problems originally started. That’s why I am now also practicing Functional Medicine which looks at any health problem from the root of a problem.

Most common Crohn s disease symptoms are abdominal pain, diarrhea, bloating, fevers and rectal bleeding. Other Crohn s disease symptoms include: fatigue, hemorrhoids, fissures, skin problems and many others.

Crohn disease treatments include mostly medication therapy. Sometimes Crohns desease treatment includes surgery or physical therapy. And very rarely conventional medicine would offer natural therapy as a possible treatment option as an addition.

Even in Eastern medicine, the root of the problem would be looked at. They look at the liver function as a very important, if not the most imoprtant, body function. If the liver is congested, it cannot filter out and cleanse so many every day toxins that we encounter. And this "back-up" starts many different illnesses.

Traditional medicine is very advanced on many levels. But unfortunately, the conventional medicine doesn’t always look at the whole picture and mostly concentrates on treating only the symptoms.

That’s why I am a big believer of integrative or Functional Medicine that combines the clinical studies, holistic approach, natural supplements custom picked for each individual and Lab-Based Clinical Protocols that allow me as a Functional Medicine practitioner help you on the different level. You don’t need to substitute your regular doctor visits with this type of healing method. This could be supplemental to your doctor’s treatments if you wish.

Every Crohns disease patient is different and the cause of his or her Crohns disease could possibly be different.

The genetic predisposition is considered as a factor for getting Crohn disease. Then how is that one person with genetic predisposition would get Crohn disease and the other one wouldn’t? Is there anyone that is researching this? I certainly would love to see this research.

We are all predisposed to some diseases or health issues but not all get sick. Two people could ride in the elevator with a person that has flu and one will catch it and the other one wouldn’t. How do you explain that? Well, the immune system of the person that got sick was lowered due to recent or chronic stress or maybe due to other factors. The other person that did not get sick had a strong immune system.

How is that related to Crohn disease? It’s pretty relevant actually. Out of a few people with genetic predisposition to Crohn's only one can get sick with it and the others may never suffer Crohn disease symptoms. It would be the person with stronger immune system that has much less chance getting Crohns disease symptoms.

How do we get our immune system stronger and better? Are there ways to improve the immune system reaction? Are there ways to boost the immune system without causing it to over-react like in Crohn disease? Yes, there are ways to improve your immune system. Yes, there are ways that will help you improve your health. And you know what? It’s not that hard to do it. And I know you can do it.

There are so many Crohns forums and so many Crohns desease blogs now. You can find a lot of different people that share their stories and let their feeling out. And that’s great. It’s therapeutic to let your feeling out and get support from the others. That’s why I also have a Crohns disease forum for you and for others.

Most of these forums are talking about coping with this disease though. Yes, it’s important to be able to cope with Crohn disease symptoms. But I am also very much into actually dealing with Crohns disease and healing it. I think that we also need to try all we can to improve our quality of life. I think we need to get Crohn disease under control and we can.

How? I can let you know that it has to start from you. As a Functional Medicine Practitioner I can help you improve your immune system greatly. And you have to want it. You have to really want to get better and know that you can FEEL GREAT.

If you are asking for the best Crohns disease advice I can offer it to you. My Crohns disease advice to you is:

  • To become proactive and very much involved in your therapy.
  • Read about natural options for chronic, inflammatory diseases.
  • Be open minded, but still skeptical. There’s a lot of unsupported data out here.
  • Eat healthy, drink clean water and relax more.
  • Take a few moments a day to clear your mind.
  • Invest into an experienced health coach like a holistic MD that uses integrative medicine or Functional Medicine practitioner that can customize your healing plan in addition to your treating doctor.

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I wish you great health and to leave symptoms of Crohn disease behind!

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