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Aug 06, 2011
Reply to Crohn's question.
by: Inna

Thank you very much for this question,

You know, I cannot be sure if your previous Symptoms of Crohn's were related to Crohn's because there are just not enough available studies on this correlation.

But many Crohn's patients were telling me very similar stories. Many had problems with tachycardia and low diastolic blood pressure. Some even ended up in cardiac units during Crohn's flare ups.

Again, going back to Functional Medicine we look for the root cause of the problem. It's possible that this could be the same root cause for all your symptoms.

The only way to find out is to start the Functional Medicine program. It takes some work on your part, too. You would need to adjust your diet and may need to adjust your sleep patterns, etc. But the results are well worth the investment.

You can make an appointment with me for initial consultation at 1-800-557-8039.

I wish you great health!

Best, Inna

Jan 05, 2012
Found out I had Crohn's Last Month
by: Anonymous

Hiya, I'm 24 years old, I had really bad belly ache.

Last month went to the doctor who thought it was appendicitis but had tummy scan and it showed inflamed part of my bowel, I had a cam done and some tissue taken, from the looks of my bowel I have and I had Crohn's for a very long time, is it possible to have Crohn's and not know.

Comments from Inna:

Thanks for your submission and for sharing with us,

Many patients tell me similar stories and say that there were no symptoms and no signs of Crohn's until very rapid onset with sharp pain came in. It took a few scans and tests to figure out it was a long standing case of Crohn's.

But with others it's harder to diagnose because the symptoms can seems non-specific...

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